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    This could be an interesting development – I hope the portfolio ends up in the right hands. And I hope it’s damn cheap too.

    Article: Interplay Announces Sale of Significant IP Portfolio, Wedbush Securities as Strategic Advisor

    Marc Hanson
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    I wonder how much they’re asking for the Pyro-GX?

    Addendum: D’OH! I forgot, they don’t own the Pyro.

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    Because they were idiots, and have remained 🙂 Instead cooperate with the community, they decided to just make a buck, and nothing succeeded )))) Now they are trying so.

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    When it comes to potential new games, with Overload in development and looking real nice, I almost feel like I’m not as concerned about the Descent IP anymore – though it would be awesome to see it back in the hands of its rightful owners.

    FREESPACE, on the other hand…

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    I came here to post this too. Imagine the possibilities…

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    If they could get both Descent and Freespace back? Since Overload is being made then Descent could be put away. But we need another Freespace.

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    I don’t expect Revival Productions to purchase either of these IPs because I personally doubt they have enough money. If they have enough money for one or the other though, then I want them to purchase the FreeSpace IP.

    Prepare for Overload…

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    What’s in a name?

    Haunted ParraspHaunted Parrasp
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    Or in a 17-year-old cliffhanger?
    I don’t actually know what it was, I never managed to finish the game. 😛 But I know there was one.

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    This is a pretty big deal. I would hope MKulas is at least investigating the possibility of acquiring, if not Descent itself, for sure the Freespace IP. I recall a lot of speculative/wistful talk during the KS of doing a Freespace game after Overload — well, here is the IP on a platter if the financing can be worked out! Please look into it!!

    Cathy Schneider
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    Hi everyone!
    I merged these topics all together about the IP sale. Needless to say, this is a very interesting thread. Can’t say what Mike and Matt are thinking, but know that they have to get more information on the entire situation.

    Mike Kulas
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    Thanks to all who have pointed this out. Matt and I are aware of Interplay’s intention so sell their intellectual property, including Descent and FreeSpace. We’re interested in how all this sorts out, but can’t say much more at this time. We do look forward to this possibly freeing up many IPs for development.

    — Matt & Mike

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    In case if you still don’t know who they are. They will make every effort to deceive you, or to provoke and then file a lawsuit. They need only money by any means.

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