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    Well, I’ve searched for a proper introductiory thread, and apparently missed it – if there is one – so I’m going to introduce myself, while creating one. If there is an introductiory thread exist, please feel free to move this post there.

    So, hello everyone in this forum. I am Shroudeye, an architect and a Descent’r, hailing from Turkey. I had worked within Sol Contingency team for a while in the past, and did a few concepts and sketches for them.

    Currently, I’m working on my master’s degree in building structure. I’m also studying Unreal Engine 4. I designed a few levels for each (old) Descents (I still do some Descent 2 ones, just for fun), as well as for Portal 1 and 2. Finally, I like to draw stuff, build models and go diving (With and without SCUBA equipment).

    I natively speak Turkish, and prefer to use English as foreign language. I also know a little bit of Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian.

    I’ve found out the Overload in chat within the Descent Rangers group, back while it was in kickstarter. I was unable to fund this project back then, but I followed occasionally and played the teasers. Great work so far, Overload team, I wish you ongoing success.

    So, I’m glad to meet you guys. See you in the forums.

    Mike Kulas
    Overload Team
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    Thanks, Shroudeye — glad to have you join us!

    Your “foreign language” English would get you an A in English in any American school.

    We will be releasing our editor and look forward to community contributions!

    Topics: 12
    Replies: 84

    😀 Thank you! I’m looking forward for the Overload editor. Cheers!

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