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    Hey guys,

    So, my quest for the perfect joystick continues, and now I’m on to modding – I have this stick:

    And I love it so far, but I want to make a mod – the hat on the left of the stick can be easily removed (I’ve done this) and has its own little module that screws onto the side of the stick containing the hat, its housing, and circuit board.

    I want to put a single button here instead (a momentary button – so that when it is pressed it’s activated, and when it’s not it isn’t, just like any other button on the stick). This should be pretty straightforward – remove the hat, and solder a wire from the connector on the board to the new button.

    I wanted to ask if anyone has an idea or suggestion of where I could have the joystick modded (or even just someone who might be interested in doing it!). I may end up attempting it myself it all else fails, but thought it was worth asking first = )

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