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    Could we get a setting to disable auto bank on x axis rotation?
    D2 had a setting for this.

    The auto bank drives me nuts having to constantly apply opposing roll.
    I would just like to have complete control over my ship and not have needless roll added.



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    The joystick support has been solid for me. I had to tweak the settings to get it to feel right, but i’m glad so much is customizable. All the options available for adjusting input behavior are very useful.

    This big joystick feature I miss is force-feedback. I’ve been playing with a saitek evo force and miss the force feedback that I had in D3. I also have the sidewinder force 2 but haven’t tried it yet. FF adds a lot to the immersion feel of flying a craft in the mines. It also adds some challenge to flying which I find fun.

    It doesn’t look like Rewired supports force-feedback so i’m guessing this isn’t possible. But it is the only think that I feel a bit disappointed about not having. Force-feedback was a huge part of the D3 experience for me.

    It’s working great with foot pedals that I custom made for D3 (basic USB HID controller). So it is really close to being the full experience.

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    Some other 6DOF games either don’t have auto roll into a yaw turn, or provide the ability to disable it. Rolling into a turn makes sense for an airplane as you’re vectoring your lift vector into the turn. Some reasons for a spaceplane might be that it looks cool and that it pushes the pilot against the seat, not against the side of the craft, when rounding a turn (but that wouldn’t apply if you just yaw.)

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