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    I have an old Saitek x-45 and CH-Pro pedals that I use.
    I am unable to register the main Saitek axes (x,y or throttle) with control inputs.

    When I calibrate the number ranges are very small on all but two rotary axes. ( -86 to -96 )
    I am currently using the controllers in DCS world and they behave well.

    I have tried removing the CH-Pro pedals with no change in behavior.
    Oddly the pro pedals I can map just fine.

    Something about the X-45’s input isn’t working.
    Which I would blame on the old controller but DCS reads them without a problem.
    The Saitek calibration tool also works properly

    I am running windows 10 pro
    Nvidia display spanning with 6000 x 1200 display on a 1060 gtx ( thank you for making this work )
    I5 with 32 gb ram

    The game looks really awesome!
    Please help me play!

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