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    I was both very excited and disappointed to find this game, excited because Descent 1 is one of my of all time fav games and disappointed that I’d never heard about this game even being in production.
    I was about to release on youtube me completing all of Descent 1 maps with full shield on insane difficulty but unfortunately I lost my recordings. My joystick also broke so I doubt I’ll try again.
    This just to show my love for Descent 1.
    I used to look in awe at that old file Developers.pcx in the Descent 1 folder.

    I don’t read about new games anymore, getting older priorities change, but still I did google things like ‘new Descent game’ and the like from time to time and found nothing.
    This could be something to focus more on in the future for developers to reach more players, it would be a real shame if I hadn’t found this game.

    I bought the game but can’t run it (very old computer for the time being), I got past the black screen but no sound issue when starting the game, but the game itself is black however I can see lights and flares!
    Probably not worth investigating further, I simply need a better PC.

    The biggest thing for me is the editor, I’m so grateful to you guys/developers that you made that desicion to include it and not keep it to yourself for future moneygrabbing DLC’s. This is important for many younger people to have such opportunities to get into this and have a blast.
    They might become artists because of this, this can shape the very lives of these people in a positive way.
    I myself started mapping for Doom 1 back in the day before there were editors by just using a HEX editor, since then I’ve made maps for most games and I’m really looking forward to mapping for this game.

    Is there an official and dedicated place/website/community for custom maps?
    The level editor subforum here seemed a bit unused.
    This one is the one people are using?

    Thanks for reading and merry xmas and happy new year!

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    Everything is on Discord.

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    Welcome! Glad you stumbled upon it. Regardless of how long you have to wait to get a better PC, trust me when I say Overload is worth the wait. If you like D1 and D2, you will *love* Overload. It’s everything Descent was and more, fixing a lot of what’s aged about those games and improving upon what made the originals so great. You won’t be disappointed.

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    Prepare for Multiplayer

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