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    In both the Teaser and the November Demo I’m having the issue of the Pitch up and down keys having their input blocked by mouse movement, nothing else just pitch. Not sure why this is happening as I currently have Descent 3 installed, and it works fine, so it’s probably not something going on with my mouse or OS. I can hold a pitch up or down key down and if the mouse is moving at all nothing happens with pitch on the key binds, once I stop moving the mouse the pitch movement kicks in, doesn’t matter if I’m moving the mouse left or right for turn or up or down for fine pitch control, it blocks the keyboard pitch command. If this is intentional please add an option to make all movement fired from any bind additive.

    Also when I click the FEEDBACK button in the demo (and probably the Teaser as well) it opens an alternative browser that I have installed (not the one set as Default) and puts nothing in the address bar. So if anyone can point me to the proper place to put feedback for this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Here are a few things I hope to see in the retail release of this game:

    (Note: some of this may be in the demo already and I just haven’t found it yet)

    – Eject-able weapons like Descent 2 had but was missing from D3, and/or a toggle for the ship to automatically eject say one missile when you have room for 3 and pick up a 4-pack.

    – Markers, particularly ones with cameras that can block doors from closing.

    – Rear-view window like the Legacy games have.

    – Guidebot with the functionality that D3 has and Thiefbots

    – Guided Missiles, Afterburner Pick-up, Shield to Energy/Energy to Shield Converter Pick-up

    – A bind to toggle Auto-leveling on/off depending on the current setting while the key is pressed

    – Level Editor with full Campaign support so the community can create full fledged content

    – When PvP ships consider adding Racing, both Battle Racing with (only energy based?) weapons, and Speed Racing with all weapons disabled, maybe allow flares in Speed type.

    – More than just Deathmatch style PvP, CTF at least.

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    The ‘Send Feedback’ is a mailto: button that uses your Windows setting for the ‘mailto’ protocol.

    I confirmed that Mouse Pitch does indeed override keyboard pitch. So yeah, they need to find a way to adjust this so that anyone who’s using both for the purpose of finer adjustments to pitch can do so.

    I can’t eject my weapons in Descent 2 and I don’t have any options to set any keys or buttons to do so. Are you playing DXX-Rebirth, or D2X-XL? I have DXX-Rebirth but not D2X-XL, so maybe that’s a feature they added. The original D2 didn’t have this ability and neither does DXX-Rebirth.

    I do want to see the issue addressed where we pick up the entire ammo or missile pack or Creeper Pack even though we only need just a very tiny amount. I’d like to see the powerup remain until it’s drained. So if we need just 1 missile, then a 4-pack powerup will remain end up having 3 missiles left in it. Or if we only need like 20 ammo but we pick up the 100-count ammo box, then we instead just take 20 out of the box and the powerup remains. Same for Creepers. I’d much rather have this than having to eject things because then the flow of my game is never interrupted. I do hope to see single missiles and even single Creepers to pick up!

    I think they said they will do something like Markers, but I don’t remember if they said they will have cameras or what.

    We won’t have a rear view Picture-In-Picture style window because that would be too computationally expensive and difficult and the benefit is way too small to justify all the work and optimizing involved just to make it work. They are planning instead to only have the full-screen review toggle.

    They have said that they don’t know if they will do anything like Guide Bot. They’re going to wait and see.

    I think they have decided against a Thief Bot because of how most people seem to say he ruins the game. I’m one of those people who feel the game isn’t fun or playable until I kill him. So if they put a Thief Bot into Overload, the I’m going to be quite upset. lol

    We won’t have Guided Missiles. They said we won’t have any need for them whatsoever (and so far, it’s quite true). Guided Missiles were necessary before because we needed them for solving certain puzzles. They won’t be creating any puzzles like that in Overload (the kind where a Guided Missile would be needed).

    We won’t have an Afterburner pick up because we already have one. It’s Boost, and we will have it from the very start of the game (or that seems to be the plan right now anyway). So, I think Boost is a standard feature of the ship and not a powerup.

    I would love to see the Converter. That is extremely useful and helpful.

    Interesting idea with having a keybind for temporarily toggling Auto-Leveling to the opposite setting of the current one. Hmm…

    Regarding the Level Editor, here’s the answer from the FAQ: “We are building our levels with a custom standalone editor. It would be a fair amount of added work to make it more user friendly and properly documented, but we hope to do it.” They have a Stretch Goal at $350,000 for making it more user-friendly and properly-documented. We’re currently $26,380 away from $350,000.

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    The original Descent ][ did let you eject weapons but not bind keys to do it… it used shift-f5 and shift-f6 I think.
    And guided missiles were a lot more useful than just for puzzles if you were playing on ace or insane.

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    Oh yeah, I remember that now. Yeah it’s in DXX-Rebirth of course. I guess I just never used it because if I wanted to switch to a different weapon, then I’d just press the corresponding number on my keyboard. If I had all of the Primary and Secondary weapons, then I was happy. None of them were in my way due to having too many to go through since I always had direct access to any of them at any time with the simple press of a button.

    We have that in Overload now too, so I won’t have a need to drop weapons I’m not using. However, I guess for someone who isn’t using the keyboard at all, this would be very nice so that there aren’t those annoying weapons you accidentally picked up that you never use and are always just in the way when cycling through all of the weapons you have.

    Prepare for Overload…

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    Skekyz — If I understand correctly, you would like to be able to selectively ignore mouse axes. We plan to support that in the control config. If it’s something else — please explain.

    As to the list of features, some are under discussion. Multiplayer will not be part of the initial release and our focus is almost wholly on single player. We haven’t discussed modes yet.

    Thanks for your interest!

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    I think this is the same problem I have, but with pitch instead of yaw.

    What I would like is to be able to use both the mouse and keyboard to control the axis movement at the same time.
    As it is, when the mouse moves, the keyboard input is ignored.

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    Skekyz — If I understand correctly, you would like to be able to selectively ignore mouse axes. We plan to support that in the control config. If it’s something else — please explain.

    Not ignore, work together, which is what we have with D3, my pitch binds on the keyboard are intended to induce full rotation velocity as quickly as possible, the mouse is for fine pitch and fairly quick turning, which Overload does well in and of itself. It may be a limitation of the game engine, I think I read somewhere that this is being made on Unity.

    What I’m saying is add the resulting values together to get the end result, not shut one input mode off. Any analog movement command (mouse, joystick, paddle) should be added on top of any digital binary command (button, key) of the corresponding axis. So if Pitch+ is fired digitally, I would assume it ramps up to 100% pretty quickly and then the mouse fires Pitch- at 30% the resulting output should be Pitch+ at 70%.

    And yes I tested turning and the mouse overrides any turning key binds exactly the same as pitch.

    I played Descent and Descent 2 with keyboard only, but that was a long time ago and I doubt I could go back.

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