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    Or should I say the Kickstarter was tormenting me like a raven in the night..

    I couldn’t stay up all night with you guys (PST time zone) but I was tossing and turning dreaming of the kickstarter and twitch channel. Finally I decided to just turn on my phone to see where it was at. There was two hours until it ended, I had my alarm set for 30 minutes before it ended.

    As the glow of my phone hurt my eyes I focused on the number, 299,something something something. Then it turned 300k. I was so excited that I jumped out of bed, NOT hitting my head on the lamp (I’m not Luke). I wanted to jump into twitch and saw everyone celebrating.

    I’m happy. I’m glad. I want to go back to bed but hell, you guys are still awake!

    Thanks for this awesome memory.

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    Yeah, Kickstarter campaigns of projects you’re interested on can get really stressful!
    Thankfully, I was more or less able to sleep (if it were not for the stupid coughing I’m having due to a cold I got).

    But managed to keep things calm regarding the campaign, lol! – Pumo Software official Website
    – Pumo Mines progress: 60%

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    Watching the number rise can be hypnotic

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