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    Hi All here something funny I just have to show ya all 🙂

    Some time ago, my best RL friend Gerben gave me this promotional car toy from Kroon Oil a company that makes gearbox oil for sports cars and such 🙂

    So here it is from the top view:

    But when I flipped it to the other side xD There in NINE different languages it had these little Cautions, hah with the best Typo I seen on anything toy based xD

    Then when you flipped it over you see Cautions in nine different languages xD

    Just the lovely typos they behold…

    Hmm … 14 Years … supposed to be uhm? 14 Months?> lel xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    This is their website 😀

    There had to post this, just had to xD

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