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    Allowing robot-to-robot damage would open up interesting strategies. The most obvious is treating exploding robots like roaming red barrels. It encourages timing Golem kills to create chain reactions. AND I’d be happy to see a Reaver for once.

    You could bait a charging shredder into ramming an enemy behind you if you lined yourself up properly.

    Robot-to-robot damage would enhance the cloak powerup as robots could hurt each other as they haphazardly shoot around while you’re cloaked. Currently cloak is underpowered compared to the Overload and Invuln.

    Regarding CM: If explosion chain reactions make Golems too helpful, make it so you wouldn’t receive points/kill count with secondhand kills. You would only receive breathing room and the resulting powerup drops from explosion kills.

    There are all sorts of unintentional happy accidents that could come from robot-to-robot damage, so I would love to see it implemented.

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    I am pretty sure that robots can already damage eachother as i sometimes see in the cm damage stats that died to robot damage .

    I am also already very happy about with the cloak as it allows me to throug
    the level , searching for blue or yellow pills or passing areas to gain a better position to clean up robots.
    Even though iam not sure wether the cloak and the invul should be in cm at all


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    As luponix said, Robots will damage each other (though they’ll never purposely do so). It’s probably harder to notice this because they do a lot less damage than the player in general, so their effect is smaller. Enemy robots also don’t have access to as many wide area-effect explosives, so the damage range for their weapons/explosions are smaller.

    It’s kind of hard to see at times, but if you try playing on Trainee and control your enemies a bit with good flying, you can get two of them to ‘fight’ and destroy one without firing a shot.

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    Also, if you destroy a Golem or a Reaver while it’s next to a damaged robot, you can effectively use the explosion to destroy the damaged robot.

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    Imagine if you could set up a custom game with “more powerful robot explosions” as a modifier? Much fun. 🙂 (especially in MP, but of course that would require there to be a Robo Anarchy mode or similar)

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