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    I love Overload but would like to see more interesting levels in a future expansion/sequel. The level design was one area of the game I felt was perhaps a little too nostalgic.

    Even if it’s just more space vistas: windows and gratings that give you a glimpse of the planet surface/atmosphere, other planets, moons, stars, nebulae, etc. I know a few levels do have windows but they’re small and easy to miss.

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    The credits indicate that only two people worked on the levels for Overload. One is the sound engineer and the other was their projects creative lead. That to me suggests that there were significant issues with time constraints since there was no one dedicated to just doing level design and that would explain some of the issues you and others have raised.

    The OLE also shows that it is a very bare hones editor. Geometry and so forth is covered very well but event scripting is limited and there is no functionality for setting up elaborate set pieces. There’s no way to trigger particle effects, trigger props to begin animations and so on.

    Given that the project was completed so fast, with so few people and on such a shoestring budget you have to applause the team for what they’ve accomplished. Overload is never going to complete with multimillion dollar budget AAA games but it has done remarkable things when compared to other indie titles.

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    Is it now possible, or will it be possible in the future to port old Descent 3 single player levels to Overload?

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    Probably not. The level structure in overload is deformed cube based like the first two descents. Folks in the level editing area on discord have been able to port from d1 and d1 with special scripts. One person did remake a d3 mp level, but as a scratch recreation via cube geometry rather than a direct port.

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    MP levels are relatively simple, but SP levels probably never. D3 levels are made up of a series of rooms, each with their own set of geometry. It would be a lot of work, and some D3 levels are huge.

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