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    With the coming of the level editor soon, I can already see (and admit that I would be one of these people) a person making a ridiculously easy CM map (however that would be done – I think I might even know a way by abusing magnetic accelerators), cloning that map to oblivion, and getting billions of points on the combined score, while not allowing to see the map. Since Revival maps are a) fair and b) available to everyone, these maps should be the only ones to count as far as combined scores go. Each individual map (user included) should still get its own leaderboard.

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    To the best of my knowledge, custom maps won’t get leaderboards at all so this won’t be a problem. I’m hoping that eventually the team will come up with a system for vetting custom maps and adding the best to the official lineup. Without leaderboards, players will have to compare scores in custom maps via screenshots since your personal best scores DO show on the map selection screen.

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