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    just some suggestions :
    1. When you navigate through the menu by using keys or the hat it would be very comfortable that when you navigate down and reach the lowest option and again press down you reappear at the top option and inverted (when you scroll up that you select down)

    2. What about another cm score color seperation. we already have 0-50 and 50-100 ,100+ maybe another mark at 500+ ?
    other good marks might be around 300 and 800 but i think its better if they arent to many marks but still 100+ as biggest area is literally nearly everything

    3. this is absolutly useless but it would be cool to have access to stats like how many times you have killed a robot and how much damage you ever did with a particular weapon. If there arent already mechanisms that count these this might be just a pain and is not worth wasting time for


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    +1 on additional color separation for beyond 100k.

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