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    I get the feeling that a few people are going to want to recreate the first Descent level ever played, so why not see who can do it best?

    – You have until the end of July to create your best version of Lunar Outpost from Descent: First Strike. It can be faithful to the original or have bells and whistles galore, I don’t really care. Just make it good.
    – You may not use DLE and its Overload export tool in any capacity. Stick with Overload’s editor!

    The results will be compiled into a single mission with level place determining level order (saving the best for last, of course 😉 ).

    P.S. There should be a separate forum or subforum for level design…

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    I agree that a level design forum is needed, The games future is going to be heavily dependant on community creations since the core game is just enough to clear in one weekend. High scores in CM is not going to keep the community alive.

    As for the competition. I would suggest holding off on that because any level worth making isn’t rushed out in a few weeks. Any fool can chuck down some corridors, rig up some lighting and spend a week detailing the environment. But to make it fun, to make it memorable… that means creating and recreating the level many times to get it right. Give the community a few months of experiences before doing something like this or else you’ll just have to choose between a bunch of mediocre levels from people who have only had a few weeks to get to grips with the OLE and the game itself.

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