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    For a while now Thunderbolt has been my favorite weapon. I get about half of all my kills with it and I don’t like starting a run without it. Also for a while now I’ve been exploiting the mechanic that firing a flare interrupts its charging cycle to fly around with a charge ready to go and not take damage for longer than intended. Every so often when I do this I see the charge get stuck without firing until I next pull the trigger. Finally I figured out how to make this happen every time so now I can store a fully charged TB shot for use whenever I want.

    The way to do it is to charge Thunderbolt and while still holding the trigger fire a flare. The flare takes a while to clear and during this time the charging sound is silent. If you release the fire button during this silence the Thunderbolt will have it’s charge paused and you can fire it at full power with another trigger pull.

    This ties into a request I made a while ago to be able to fire flares at any time without disrupting any other system. It really annoys me that I can’t fire a flare while boosting or that flares interrupt weapons fire. I use flares all the time and the current behavior detracts from the gameplay (as well as making the Thunderbolt into a super weapon).

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    I’m pretty sure I remember this stored-charge bug from D1. 😉

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    Thanks for the information. I’ve fixed the exploit.

    And we’ll talk about the flare changes you suggest. I think they’re a good idea.

    – Matt

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