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    Cathy Schneider
    Overload Team
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    We are pleased to announce the availability of Early Access version 0.8, build 94!

    Changes in this version include:

    * Leaderboards have been reset. We have made many balance changes (with a few more to come), so now seems like the right time for a reset. Sorry about your lost scores and good luck getting new ones!

    New content:
    * New challenge mode level: Backfire
    * Phantom robot (cloaked!)

    New features:
    * Credits. Credits can be Sped up/Slowed Down/Paused (PgUp/PgDwn/Delete; Left Bumper/Right Bumper/Y)
    * We now have “combined” Challenge Mode leaderboard support. Shows sum of scores across all levels within a difficulty level and variant (Infinite or Countdown). Updates every time you complete a level with at least one kill. **Combined** appears in CM level list just like a regular level. Your old scores will be included once you update.
    * Secret Levels. These aren’t available in Early Access, but you can find their entrances.
    * Log Entry pick-ups. You can pick these up in EA, but the messages aren’t available.
    * Ability to delete saves from Save & Load menus
    * Names for Cryotube occupants, and a new stats page for them. The full release will add pictures.
    * New robot variants (new weapons for existing robots). Note that each robot will be either normal or a variant; you won’t see both in a single match.
    * Ambient Volume control
    * Save/Load versioning. It is now not possible to load saves from a previous EA version.
    * Default challenge mode loadout. If you change your CM loadout, that loadout will be the default for the rest of the session unless you randomize it or change play types.
    * “Randomize Loadout” button for Challenge Mode (see previous item).
    * Challenge Mode stats export. Ctrl+C in a menu will copy CM robot stats to the clipboard. Ctrl+A will copy CM powerup drops per robot to the clipboard. Overwrites what was previously there. Format is tab-delimited, so easily pasted into a spreadsheet.

    Content removed:
    * Outpost. The Outpost demo level is no longer built into the game. However, it’s still available as an add-on level — to to to download. This is an early test of our support for addon levels.

    Features removed:
    * The View Readme button on main menu.

    * Updated the cockpit interior.
    * A checkpoint is now created between levels (that is, after completing a level).
    * Titan renamed to Triton
    * When setting/deleting one half of an axis to movement, automatically set/delete the other one.
    * Regardless of in-game settings, VR can be re-centered in the menus with F5 or the seventh button on a controller (generally the left face button on a gamepad).
    * Changed ‘Loading’ message to vary based on game type and level.
    * Added more ambient audio (levels 2 & 4).

    Game balancing:

    * Adjusted spawning in Challenge Mode so the ‘small pools’ are larger (that is, it is much less likely to have 8 of the first 10 robots be all the same type).
    * Adjusted spawning in CM so it is much less likely to spawn the same enemy twice in a row, further increasing enemy type spread.
    * Adjusted robot weapons; in general, slightly slowed down projectiles & lowered damage.
    * Further tweaked (weakened) Ogre.
    * Lowered movement speed for some robots in a couple of cases where they were moving too fast (such as fleeing snipers).
    * Lowered Scorpion zig-zagging by a bit
    * Rebalanced mass/drag of some bots to make them feel more appropriate.
    * Changed Harpy & Super Harpy a bit; they hit a bit harder, but a little less often.
    * Slowed down Hydra max speeds a bit.
    * Lowered stun/pushback of some enemy projectiles on player.
    * Made other small changes to robots.
    * Several changes to robot drop rates and CM balance. Notably, Reaver will now drop something (bug prevented this before) and Super Goblin was weakened a bit.

    * Fixed a jittery HUD issue when turning with the cockpit up.
    * Fixed an issue with the cockpit still showing up during rearview.
    * Fixed an issue of secret pickups being miscounted.
    * Fixed an issue with pressing (BACK) after selecting ‘Play Again’ in Challenge Mode.
    * Fixed some issues with adding/removing multiple controllers.
    * Fixed an issue with Security Level not displaying when a new key is picked up.
    * Fixed issue where the game could lose mouse focus.

    NOTE: This release (Version 0.8) is the last version that will support pilot files older than one version back. Version 0.9 will *only* load pilot files from 0.8 or 0.9.

    Kickstarter Backer
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    Will you update this release in the next week or two with optimizations for the performance problems in Story Mode and Backfire?

    With Backfire, it’s strange: sometimes my system handles it very well and sometimes it doesn’t. With Story Mode though, the only level I have no performance problems in is 2 Tarvos.

    Prepare for Overload…

    Luke Schneider
    Overload Team
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    We will be doing lots of performance optimizations, but it’s uncertain when (likely before X-mas break). It’s doubtful we’ll do a separate build for this unless there are more widespread issues.

    Finishing/polishing the game takes precedence over EA builds. We know the EA build isn’t great performance-wise, but we have to prioritize tasks in a way that gets the most work done.


    Kickstarter Backer
    Topics: 118
    Replies: 1474

    We will be doing lots of performance optimizations, but it’s uncertain when (likely before X-mas break). It’s doubtful we’ll do a separate build for this unless there are more widespread issues.

    Finishing/polishing the game takes precedence over EA builds. We know the EA build isn’t great performance-wise, but we have to prioritize tasks in a way that gets the most work done.


    Thank you, Luke! I admit that I kind of assumed or hoped you guys were going to try to fix these performance problems before the final version of this drop, so I think that caused me to get my hopes up.

    By the way, I don’t know who designed Backfire, but it has a great design to it. It plays extremely well. Fortunately, it seems I don’t *always* get lowered performance in Backfire, so most of the time I enjoy it at full super-smooth performance and I just *love* it. It’s a very fun level!

    Prepare for Overload…

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    Time for some quick feedback about the patch specific things.


    +The Thunderbolt seems to be overheating again, although it would be nice if the damage effect was more purple to make it clearer what is causing the damage and maybe also change the charging sound like it was in descent.

    +The new map is good

    +The new robot phantom is also a very nice addition and also acts as a very healthy way of introducing the cloak powerup into the drop pool, however because of that, I’d argue there should be a fixed limit to how many phantoms can spawn in. Maybe we could get one every 50 kills for example with a guaranteed cloak drop and remove random cloak spawning to help with the general consistency of powerful items in the mode. It’s also worth pointing out that Phantoms are a considerable threat and are often rather difficult to detect, spamming flares does appear to help a lot. I would like to see a slight speed nerf to them (10-15%), but overall they do not feel cheap like hitscan does.

    Game balancing

    +Adjusted spawning is really healthy for the robot variety and things are definitely more colourful, I did however have a bunch of guardians spawn in rapid succession. Also this brings me to a question: are the robots tiered in any way and if so, do the tiers have any impact on how many robots spawn in from specific tiers?

    +Robot weapon adjustment (slower and lower dmg projectiles). This is again a very healthy change, overall Overload is a more difficult game than descent 1/2 and this change does help to bring it more in line.

    +Ogre getting nerfed is good news, so basically now you are untargetable for the ogre if you’re beyond a certain range (I’d say about flak range or slightly further), which kind of works I guess, but the problem was never that it shot you from far away, it’s that once the weapon starts firing you WILL get hit i.e. the hitscan nature of the beast.

    +lowered robot movement speed for some robots. Again, this is a very healthy change, as quite a few of the robots simply move too fast, kind of shoehorning the player to use hitscan weapons, since they’re the only ones that consistently connect.

    +Lowered Scorpion zig-zag. Another welcome change, as the scorpion always felt just a little too dodgy and fast, I always thought the Scorpion should be an easy kill, once he’s exposed and the jig is up, but alas they always put up a fight.

    ?Rebalanced mass/drag on some bots – I would really like to see a before/after from the devs demonstrating it, since I have no real way of testing it for myself to judge it.

    +-Harpy and SHarpy hit harder, but less often. This one I don’t particularly like since the Harpy already did enough damage.

    +Slowed down Hydra max movement speed. This is very welcome, however the Hydra is still a serious troublemaker and considering their fairly lethal weapon setup (fast, accurate and considerable damage), high speed and moderate health. Since they are fairly tricky to kill compared to many other bots, I’d say they are just a little too good at everything and could use some more chopping (preferably in the projectile speed/accuracy area).

    +Lowered stun/pushback of some enemy projectiles. This for me was ever really noticeable on ogres and golems and seems to have been changed for the better.

    ?Made other small changes to robots. Whatever that means.

    ?Several changes to robot drop rates and CM balance. I would really like to know what those are.


    -Hitscan weapons are still part of the robot arsenal. This is the single biggest fun-killer in the game.

    -Cloaking device makes the whole HUD transparent, messing up the readability. I propose a simple colour change for the duration of the cloak.

    -Inconsistent powerup spawns in CM. If you get a bunch of invulns, you get a record.

    Hope this helps, I’ll get around to finishing a proper video with proper feedback soon enough, until then I leave you with this. Overall the game is coming along nicely and is a blast to play pun intended.

    First game on the fresh patch

    All the best,

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    On insane difficulty, I find the game easier than d1/2. In Overload, no primary weapon feels underpowered like level 1 lasers would, and you get supplied with a huge amount of secondaries that can be spammed.

    Talking specifically about the single player levels here, I think the basic robots should dodge more, such as goblins and krakens. The super heavy hitters, such as tritons and ogres don’t count since they are already devastating with their damage output, although it would make sense for tritons to dodge some more, so that you couldn’t out range them so easily. Such advanced looking things shouldn’t be so dumb when it comes to firing from afar.

    I do agree with slowing down some of the running robots, but other than robots that can easily outrun you, I don’t see how you could easily make the robots too difficult to hit. I’d highly appreciate letting insane difficulty be nothing short of insane.

    Kickstarter Backer
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    Was hoping there might be another release before or near Christmas… but alas it was not to be! heh heh heh…
    I have to tell you guys… this game, even as a mere 4 level shadow of it’s full self, has been a GODSEND to me, as from Early August through October I was undergoing Cancer (Throat) treatment and had a rough time of it. This was something to really get my mind off the bad times and give me something to take my frustrations out on. It has been a really good way to forget the troubles of all the Chemo and Radiation that affected my eating, cost me my beard, and still to this day I feel effects from it. THANKS for helping me through the rough times!

    I still don’t do a lot of CM stuff, but I love the Blizzard level more than any of them. The fast pipes is great for getting me outta trouble! The SP Mission levels are fun, and I have to admit though I still don’t completely understand the secrets system, as I THINK I have gotten them, but there is always one or two I didn’t get credit for, thought I think I did find them all. It was always a point for me to get them all in D2. I believe I have the secret levels figured out for when the full game comes out.
    I will be looking forward to game release or at least another “EA” (I REALLY hate using those letters here. I am NOT a fan of EA Games and when I see “EA” in a post here that is where my mind goes first!) level with some new stuff.

    Hoping the game is ready for release soon! EARLY Q1 2018!

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