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    Hi guys, first of all, thanks for pushing this game forward. I cant wait to play the final release, since i played a lot of descent3 years ago.
    I bought the steam release recently, and tried to play it. Since im in Germany, system language (W10-Pro) is german too. Im not sure if the game itself tries to translate or, if its an steam thing. What happens is, that the menu links / points are way to large, and badly translated. Due to this mixture of DEnGlish (German/English) its hard for me to start a game, or at least get something configured, like my 3d pro joystick. The menu points/links arent at the position they’re supposed to be. I dont think its a graphic thing, i tried different resolutions from 1024 to full HD, no change at all. If you need screenshots, hit me up.

    Can you maybe provide the original language pack, it may help?

    Thanks guys, and keep pushing 🙂

    Overload Team
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    We don’t have languages fully supported yet. They exist. but are broken (as you can see). There’s no way in-game to fix it on the released build, but it can be manually fixed pretty easily.

    1. Go to: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Revival\Overload
    2. Find the correct *.xprefs file (default.xprefs if you’re using the default pilot)
    3. Edit it to change O_LANGUAGE:1:I to O_LANGUAGE:0:I.

    Let me know if you need clarifying on any of this. And sorry you hit this. We are talking about releasing a quick patch to fix this shortly, but I”m not 100% on when it will be available (hopefully yet this week).

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