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    I just want to know, since the game is released, will the dev team provide full modding capability ?
    Because i think this game deserve it.Moreover ,as a descent like product, it is important for the 6dof community so we can work out some asset, getting used with the game engine.

    But no problem for me , as i’m a very patient person.I mean, that i prefer the modding tool to be completed even years after. As long as we have a quality software.

    Because if a full mod tool is to be released in the futur ,i think it must be released in a more convenient standalone kit.I said that because ,having used various descent franchise soft,sometime we get lost with grabbing them.So that should be Maybe a notable improvement to make it a all-in-one this time.

    And i prefer to say, at this point:

    A “better late than never” advanced mod sdk , and we should be thankful.


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    Revival Productions is pretty much done and disbanded, more or less. They will still fix any bugs we might find, but that’s about it.

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    Any Unity assets that don’t use scripts you can be modded into levels through assetbundles. The LevelPost tool links the the assetbundles to the level It is the most modding we can do currently

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