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    Hey all. This has been a dream project for years and it’s finally come true.
    Are you excited because I’m really excited.
    Now I don’t know why, but this forum really does not seem to like google drive links. So here’s a link to a page which has links to the downloads which actually work.
    Keep in mind some people sent me songs in mp3 and ogg so some tracks on the FLAC version will be more lossless than others. They were all at least equivalent to the 320kbps mp3 version to begin with though, and past that quality differences are pretty hard to hear anyway.

    This was a long time in the making. The original Descent Community Album is almost twenty years old and, sadly for the very unique and enjoyable collection that it is, mostly forgotten. But we’ve finally done it again.
    With a new set of nine artists featuring talents like Martin Britz and R.a.M. Land (Ruben Acevedo Mendez) and Vertigo Fox, along with plenty of others including several artists for whom this is their first release of any kind. With twenty songs ranging from live guitar melodies, to 16-bit retro electronica, to fully lyrical industrial ballads, this is a ride you don’t want to miss.
    Big thanks to everyone involved in the music and especially to Xfing for allowing us to tie the album in with his enormous mod and level pack for the old games.

    To everyone who contributed songs or just helped make it happen, you all rock. Literally.
    Oh and the cover art does have a few previews of mid-late game levels from Descent 1&1/2 mixed into the images, including one of Xfing’s levels — I hope that’s okay.

    Now for the fun part. Anyone — especially those who contributed to the album — is free to share it with anyone they want since it is, in fact, a free album. You’re free to copy my own links or upload it to another hosting site. In fact, the more places on the web it can be put, the longer it’s gonna live, so if you can think of a better site where it should be uploaded to, I absolutely encourage you to do that. If you do want to share it there are just three things I ask of you, on behalf of everyone who was involved:

    -Share only the original zips from this post and keep them intact. This ensures that all the artists who contributed songs are properly credited without you having to lift a finger to do it, and ensures it’ll come out looking professional. Try to include both zips if you can.
    -Put that little blurb that’s in quotes into your post somewhere.
    -And this should be a no brainer, but do not accept money for it. Speaking for myself and, I’m reasonably sure, for everyone else who contributed, the question of royalties is one I do not want to go near with a ten-foot pole. This was, above anything else, a fun project. Let’s keep it that way.

    On one other note, if you want to share the album on twitter for some reason, I do have a condensed version of the blurb I can share with you that’ll just fit into a tweet. You’ll have to use a second tweet for the links but you probably would have anyway. Just let me know if you want me to post the condensed version here as well.

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    Some great tracks in here! I particularly like Phozon – Ice, vision – achondrite, Diamond Wolf – March of Ares and Isaac Gallegos – Water (my favourite) – thanks for sharing!

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    Took a listen through today, and I’m impressed at the quality of all the artists. Some neat pieces, and all fitting some some setting in Descent or another. Thanks for sharing!

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