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    I’m really enjoying the nostalgia angle here, as I was a young teenager when I got my hands on the shareware version of Descent. Now that you are all together and have a foundation here in Overload, please tell me the next step will be to move on to something that would be spiritual successor of Freespace 2, as I have always held FS2 to be the end-all be-all space flight sim. With how much money Star Citizen has made, even before they started with all the FPS crap, it should be obvious how many people (customers) want an amazing space shooter. I hope to hear something good. Well done with Overload, its very pretty and enjoyable to play.

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    I’m happy to be able to tell you that they have said publicly a few times that they would love to do a spiritual successor to FreeSpace someday, but they don’t have anything planned. It’s just something they can only say right now that they’d love to do and would thoroughly enjoy it. They have to completely finish Overload first before they can set their sights on other things. The console versions aren’t done yet, and there are still bugs to fix as well.

    They would also like to make a sequel to Overload, but that will require enough money from sales of Overload.

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