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    I’m betting this has been suggested before, so if this is a double post I apologize. I just wanted to make sure this was out there…

    Have you guys thought about having a multiplayer challenge mode where players play co-op against waves of incoming robots?

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    It would be interesting to see two teams competing for the highest score before the time runs out. Or the first team to reach a target score. There is a game on steam called kabounce which works on this principle. The nice twist though is that points are stored on the player and a collection point becomes available at certain times during the match for teams to cash-in their accumulated points.

    I guess in this game mode you are proposing players could be collecting salvage drops which are worth different values and they have to deposit them in recycling points to score points. If someone is destroyed, then they drop a percentage of the salvage they are carrying and lose time waiting to respawn.

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    I always play some really amazing multiplayer games with my friends and some of the games provides co-op against waves of incoming robots. There is nothing that sounds more amazing than playing with your friends in a fantasy world. Like World of warcraft 60 tage is one of the simply best multiplayer game which brings a ton of new content.

    Danny Phillips

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