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    Every time I complete a CM map, I am blown away with all the amazing stats provided to the player. Everything from bot kills, to timelines and the bot that killed you. As a feature request I would love if the multiplayer profiles carried stats like Kill to Death ratio, Players killed, Accuracy, lifetime kills and I am sure we can come up with more.

    Having some fun with a stat that tracks the Player you kill most often and the player that kills you more often could lead too some fun profile displays that show the Pilots nemesis etc. Especially if we get a Multiplayer leader board, though I can see that is a big ask so I will just stick with local player profile for now 🙂

    I did a couple search’s through the forums and couldn’t find anything that describes how the current ranking system works for Multiplayer. Can someone point me to that information?


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    I would assume it’s tied to kill/death ratio.

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    More than just that; it also depends on who you killed or were killed by. But I’ve yet to see a description of how the algorithm works. It’s possible that’s intentional – i.e. it’s a secret.

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    Why does the ranking system need to be secret? Ranking systems are easy in 1v1 but in a match that has multiple players of varying rank I can’t wrap my head around how to get that to work. I am sure there was some thought put into this and maybe it’s not finalized so we don’t get any feedback on how it works.

    Right now I guess I don’t care because the player base is too small to make ranking mean anything anyway.

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    As far as I know the ranking works like so:

    Getting a kill gives you rank points.

    Getting killed takes away your rank points.

    You get more points for killing someone of a higher rank and fewer for killing a lower ranked player.

    You lose more points for dying to someone of a lower rank and fewer for dying to a higher ranked player.

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    What I’ve noticed is that it’s more so who you kill and who kills you than it is regarding deaths. I’ve been in matches with way higher ranked players and died way more than the kills I got but still ranked up. With lower ranked players, unless you stomp them and barely die to them, you’re going to stay the same or lose rank depending on your deaths. With equally ranked players, I have yet to figure out more of a pattern but it seems you need a 2+ kill to 1 death to gain rank or opposite to lose…

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    You can look up your personal “skill” ranking in the games log file <Users>\AppData\LocalLow\Revival\Overload\output_log.txt

    Look out for lines starting with “MatchMakingTicket”, following “skill”:{“N”:922} on the same line.
    This indicates your skill points were 922 before the game started.

    What is known from observation:
    – ranking levels (bronce1 to platinum3) depend on fixed skill point thresholds.
    – You win points for kills and lose points for deaths (and probably suicides).
    – It seems the higher the skill/rank difference of your opponent, the more points you gain/lose.

    With a friend I’ve done some tests. At least for 1vs1 it seems that the total points are “constant”,
    e.g. if you win 10 points, your opponent lost 10 points. This is probably to make the ranking balanced.
    This also means that you and your friend cannot simulataneous rank up by repeating 1vs1.
    Hence skill points are a “predator” game, with the total skill points available fixed (by the number of players).

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