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    Minerva has been remade dozens of times. I am 100% positive there are unfinished versions of Minerva sitting on someones computer, somewhere.

    I’m hoping to start cracking on some Overload levels soon..

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    Thanks for keeping us up to date with how things are going! I’m really excited to hear about the MP progress 😀

    I know some folks are disappointed that the game as a whole is being delayed in order to have SP and MP ready together at launch, but I agree with the team’s reasoning that it’ll be best for Overload in the long run.

    I’m also happy that text chat is being considered – like everyone else has said, it’s a pretty important part of helping players to build a community around the game. I guess you could argue Discord today will be like Kali was way back when, and any community chatter could happen there… but I think that to have no “real” in-game text chat would be a total bummer.

    Perhaps it’s because I have fond memories of Descent anarchy matches but I’m not so sure about the loadout system. 😐 I’d like if there was at least an option to play in a more traditional way – you spawn with lasers and some basic missiles, then find everything else as drops from dead players or by scavenging the mine. Guess I’ll reserve judgement until I have the chance to experience it, though.

    My memory may be hazy, but I do remember one thing… I’m probably the only weirdo who hated Minerva (probably because I sucked at killing anyone in it) 😛

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    Oh no you aren’t, I hate it too…
    …I hate it more…

    Ship’s cat, MPSV Iberia
    Check out his original music @

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    Don’t like the sound of pre-defined chat macros being the only option.

    Also not a fan of random item spawns, however, a suggestion there: Randomize their spawns once on level load, but let them be fixed after that, so people can learn the map layout for that match, while still having randomness to encourage exploration.

    That’s a cool idea!

    Everything else sounds cool. At least a way to chat pre or post game would be nice. I don’t feel I need it absolutely within the gameplay.

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    will there be an option to disable the loadout system and have the traditional “start with nothing and find weapons” system?

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    @zero: You’ll be able to override the loadouts and the person that starts the match will set 1-2 weapons and 0-2 missiles for all players to start the same. Not sure yet about new weapon drops during match.

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    Actually, Gwar’s “Caress of Steel” was probably the best mine ever made. There is no telling the number of hours I have in that one.

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    1) We’ll look into allowing text chat.

    2) We’re allowing you to customize private matches a bit more.

    * Customization: It’s both parts and colors/patterns. We’ll show some variations off in a couple weeks I think.

    I love what I’m reading in this thread!

    1) Thanks for giving us text chat. The discord server is great too but being able to give information to beginners will be really important. I can see a particular scenario happening nearly constantly where new players see tri-chording happen and are confused/think there’s cheating going on. We will need to be able to clue them into the 3 different flight modes. Probably wouldn’t hurt to have that tip flash up on loading screens too…

    2) will we be able to set things like max turn rate/mouse limiting and chording mode?

    * I’m really looking forward to seeing what kinds of custom ships we can bash together. I want some green accents! 😀

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    purple and red accents!

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    I want teeth on the nose of mine!

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    Remember the D3 cow skins? I want it on my ship

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    lol… I hated Caress of Steel 🙁
    Well, maybe “hate” is too strong a word… more “disdain”. One of those weird levels where half the rooms are too big which winds up funneling all the action towards the cramped spaces. Maybe it works if you’re just playing a random game for kicks and want to stick to your own play style, but if it’s a race to a kill goal, you’re pretty much forced to run around the crowded end where people are busy abusing cloaks and omega if you want to compete.
    Might be at least tolerable with those (and probably smart mines, too) banned.

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    I want a nice Earthshaker mix of blue and white… shark teeth would be the cherry on the cake 😀

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    Really excited about this!

    Couple thoughts/questions –

    Minerva, the most renowned Descent MP map – is it possible a Revival version of it would be included in the base version of the game? I don’t really even know that map very well it’s just that it sees it was THAT famous.. maybe it should be included? (with of course, the blessing of the original author)

    Will there be other game modes besides death match or team death match? What are the odds of something like CTF or Entropy being included?

    Pushing things a little bit. whatttt ifff there was a royale mode where .. 100 ships could enter.. one leaves. Start with zero weapons… a very special map would have to be designed for this… as the game progresses, the mine shuts down section by section.. I realize this would be a massive, time consuming process to build.. but given how popular this type of game is right now, it might be a great selling point for newcomers. I could do a sketch of what that may look like, if anyone is interested. It is a complicated idea but could be really adventurous.

    Maybe, in the spirit of a battle royale game, each player is presented with a 3d map of the mine, and they can place their marker anywhere in the mine. If they see other players there, they have a limited window from which to change it.. this way you get the same effect of having multiple people competing in an area of plentiful resources.

    Another one –

    Reactor Overload –

    Two teams, one tasked with defending a series of reactors, and the other tasked with destroying it. Maybe robots could be spawned by the defending team to help. Maybe the defending team could even control certain bots for this.. maybe a boss bot could spawn from time to time to keep the tension high.. Lots of possibilities!

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    I forgot where but at some point revival said that they will release the full version with two gamemodes.
    Things like minerva will reappear as soon as the level editor gets released.
    And keep in mind that they are a small team and are sth like a battle royale mode is nearly a game on its own.
    It would create pretty heavy challenges such as getting 100 players on 1 server and making that stable or even trying to find 100 players for 1 round.
    the 6dof games always were based on 2-16 players but if we are extremly lucky we get the possibility to create our own game modes by using the level editor and setting up own servers.
    games that let the community create its own content tend to have a long lifespan and iam pretty sure revival is aware of that.


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