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    I downloaded a new build, but can’t find any info about it. Anyone else downloaded patch build 1834?


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    I’m at 1834 also, but no clue what changed.

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    GOG auto-downloaded this for me too – No changes noticed at all…

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    Try level 11. Maybe the door glitch was fixed.

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    Try #news in the Overload Discord server.

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    patch notes from Discord (@Giant):

    Patch 2 (Build 1834). Live Now! Get it while it’s hot! This one is actually pretty small – we just really wanted to get a couple of fixes out.

    New & Changed Features
    Added 17 new cheat codes (total is now 20). We’ll probably do something like announce one new code each day in Discord.
    Main menu shows ‘Cheater’ if cheat code used.
    Added Valkyrie to some CM levels, and added Phantom to more CM levels.
    Made [Backspace] act like [Delete] on Mac.
    Post-level and post-mission results show times in line with the speedrun timer.
    Added stars in the sky in 4 CM levels, 3 MP levels, and 5 SP levels.

    Fixed an issue in NG+ with reactors doubling their health after each save/load.
    Fixed an issue with doors getting erroneously locked after save/load.
    Fixed a mixup with black/grey decals.
    Fixed missing boss music in NG+ level 15.
    Fixed issue with ‘last’ weapon available in CM not being randomly chosen.
    Fixed an issue with not dying in certain situations on Linux in non-English after loading a saved game.
    Fixed invisible weapons in MP.

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    Try level 11. Maybe the door glitch was fixed.

    I was affected by that glitch and was able to get through the level! Thank you Dev team!

    I admit that I spray and pray… :/

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