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    My joystick config requires all 20 available buttons of the T16000m electronic. That includes button7. Clearing wont help except I couldnt slide to the left anymore. It is hard wired to “slide left”. I dont touch the keyboard at all for 6dof shooters. The joystick case and mechanics are self constructed, like having 2 joysticks in 1 with the additional 1 fully controlled by button inputs. I need to make a picture 🙂

    Really only 30%? I do not feel it at all. I just tried it again while outmanouvering the bots and it is hardly recognisable. Tri-Chording like in Descent is essential to my gameplay to intercept, flank or outmanouvre enemies. Bots or human enemies. I mean if you are going to increase it, it would require a little slower main vector speed. Otherwise total speed would be too high for the small level design.

    The ship turns with the T16000m joystick at the same rate as with the keyboard. Very smooth. It takes around 2,4 sec. for a full 360° turn around the y-axis. Just maximum turn rate/speed is a little slow, maybe 2 seconds would feel better. I mean it feels great in all ranges of movement, simply perfect, but a little more turn rate would feel more agile. I mean aiming with the joystick is so time consuming compared to aiming with the mouse 😉

    Btw. I was wrong with the 8way coolie hat. It still works only in 4 ways.

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    Thanks for the Build 5.

    My first impression was nothing has changed actually except the coolie hat switch is working now in 8 directions. Button7 still beams me to the menu. Bi-Chording speed up is gone. I was hoping to expect Tri-Chording speed up in this build. Joystick sensitivity adjustment is still not sufficient, not sensitive enough. Together with the too slow turning speed for joystick x and y axis the ship turns slower than a Magnum in D3. Impossible to fight Blades properly. In Hard Mode Blades is reengaging before I can turn she ship around. With the mouse it is possible to turn the ship almost twice as fast. This deviation should be corrected somehow.

    Running the Thrustmaster T.A.R.G.E.T GUI to increase joystick axis sensitivity makes the coolie hat unusable. It wont work at all. This might be an issue with the virtual keyboard, joystick and mouse that overrides anything. I tried to fix it with key bindings programmed to the coolie hat but this will crash the GUI script when configuring the joystick in Overload.

    Other than that, it is fantastic :-)

    My old test rig with a modern video card:
    Pentium D 965 Extreme Edition 3,73GHz
    4GB RAM
    Geforce GTX960
    ViewSonic VX2245wm Monitor 1680×1050
    IBM PS2 Mini Keyboard
    Logitech LASER Mouse M500
    Thrustmaster T16000m Joystick
    Win7 Pro 64bit

    Not sure about you but my hat on my 3d Pro is not 8way. It’s still 4way

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    Thank you so much Luke. That sensitivity setting is going to mean I can start to play with some of my old confidence.

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    You didn’t read the last line of my post #3816 🙂 It is sadly still 4way.

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    Mobius, what do you think about max joystick turn rate. Do you feel it is sufficient fast enough?

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    I see there is a “smallest” deadzone setting but can we have a 0 deadzone setting or a slider with input box to adjust it to exactly the number we want like in DU? I have to move the top of my CH Fighterstick USB joystick about 5/16ths of an inch further from center than in D1, D2, and DU (with 0 deadzone setting) before the ship starts moving. I can understand the default being set to work with control pads that are less accurate around center but for those with very precise joysticks it would be great to have a 0 deadzone setting. That is what I use for all my other games that allow to set it that low. Every bit of accuracy near center helps with more precise joysticks.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Just got to try out this build, and it’s great. I only have two notes:

    1) Can the item pickup radius be expanded just a little more? It still seems too easy to zoom right by an item without picking it up. I’ll test again in Descent a bit but I’ve never had that problem there.

    2) Can the headlights be set back into the ship a bit more? It’s odd when you fly towards a wall and the headlights get smaller, and then just disappear. I would think the light should be coming from the ship, not a foot in front of it 🙂

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    After playing the latest build, overall I like it!

    I agree with both of darthkarki’s points (item pickup radius is still a touch small and the headlights are too far forward). Trichording is better, but still not quite right (but it’s plenty fine for the teaser).

    One thing…how fast does the running bot go? I couldn’t catch him even at full afterburner. It definitely reminded me the thief bot chasing him around the level…which isn’t a good thing 😛

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    Updated Mac build? We’re still working off the first build. Any chance of having the updated build for Mac/Linux?

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    I have no issue with the powerup pick-up size. It’s identical to what I’m used to in Descent 2 now. If you guys are having trouble grabbing powerups, then work on it. It’s a skill. I like to call it “Powerup Aim”.

    Let’s not give them any reason to create the magnetic powerup effect that was talked about in the 24-hour live stream. I do not want that AT ALL. It would suck and it would be super annoying. Due to the increase in the size of the powerup pick-up range, I have already picked up a few powerups that I DIDN’T want – but that’s only because I became used to the smaller size that we had before. After playing for a few hours, I’m back to my old habits that I developed in D2 over the past ~20 years. The reason why I wouldn’t want a powerup is if I’m saving it for when I really do need it.

    Bichording should be about 30% faster than your normal speed, and trichording should be about 20-25% faster than bichording. Can anyone help back me up on this?

    Anyway, I just finished playing for several hours (862 kills on Easy in Foundry!!!), and here’s my feedback:

    1. We need an “Are you sure?” prompt when clicking “Quit” at the main menu because there’s no way back into the main menu once you’ve clicked Quit. Or maybe we just need a “Back to Main Menu” button on the upsell page or something like that.
    2. In 6-DoF Practice, the exit’s light effect blinks or something when I move around.
    3. This is an old one, but in Destroy the Reactor, going through the exit of the first section of the level takes all energy and armor back down to 100. As I said though, this is an old one; it’s been like this since the first Teaser.
    4. The reactor itself looks lit up in a strange way. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but it seems to be lit up by light sources that don’t exist. However, it seems to work effectively to show its health because this strange lighting is reduced the more and more damage it takes. So, I guess it’s glowing due to being nuclear or radioactive?
    5. The computer voice of the countdown is in the upper-left part of the audio image. Is this intentional?
    6. Pressing Pause on my keyboard when on the Pause menu should resume the game.
    7. Blades’ sound still persists once in a while, including on a Game Over and on a game pause.
    8. On a positive note, the performance drop after killing hundreds of bots has been reduced quite noticeably.
    9. I love what you’ve done with Foundry! These new textures and the new lighting (and new locations of the lights) is awesome.
    10. The performance of Foundry is noticeably lower, even before killing any bots. It’s not super bad or anything; you have to be paying attention to notice it.
    11. I love what you’ve done with the lighting. I’m even seeing shinier rock surfaces in Caverns. It’s a little weird to see rock surfaces being so shiny, but I like it. I’m noticing an improvement to the graphics in all 4 maps! However, some areas do look slightly washed out now. Just a little.
    12. The menu select sound (and option select sound) should be a little quieter.
    13. Clicking “Quit to Menu” during a game should ask “Are you sure?” or something like that.
    14. We may need tooltip descriptions of menu options. It seems that some aren’t straight forward enough. For example: I still don’t know what Aim Assist does. I haven’t seen any differences with it on and off.
    15. The bots shouldn’t produce any blue light. I often mistake seeing blue out of the corner of my eye for an Armor Orb, and I’ve often instinctively flown in that direction only to be greeted by enemy fire instead of an Armor Orb. Don’t change the look of Armor Orbs though: they’re amazingly beautiful (don’t change ANY of the powerups!)
    16. I feel that all powerups that a level starts with should be respawners, and they should always respawn the same powerup that was there before.
    17. I agree that the headlights need to be adjusted so that when you get super close to a wall, it doesn’t look like you have headlights way out in front of your ship. The amount of light they produce still needs to reach further too.
    18. I’m glad you didn’t change the physical design/layout of Foundry! You mentioned a few times during the 24-hour live stream that you’re not quite happy with it, but I think that it plays very well as-is!
    19. I use Boost a lot. Sometimes I’d end up being stuck going straight with no ability to Yaw, Pitch, Slide or Strafe. I don’t know how to reproduce it, but it seemed to happen when I was pushed by a bot or hit by their fire. I think. I think it even happened with normal flight (not Boosting). I will have to do some more testing.
    20. Sometimes it seemed as though I couldn’t begin flying when I wanted to, such as to get out of a sticky situation. This didn’t happen often enough for me to really remember it in fine detail though.

    This is all I can think of right now. I’ll post again if I think of something else. So far, I’m loving Build 5! KEEP UP THIS AMAZING WORK!!!

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    Bichording should be about 30% faster than your normal speed, and trichording should be about 20-25% faster than bichording. Can anyone help back me up on this?

    Bichording should be 41% faster (sqrt(1.0 + 1.0) -1 = ~0.4142)
    Trichording should be 73% faster (sqrt(1.0 + 1.0 + 1.0) -1 = ~0.7321)

    Assuming each direction has equal thrust…

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    I have everything works fine. Not perfect, but quite normal.

    Wireless KB + mouse, W7-64, i5-3470, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

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    We need an “Are you sure?” prompt when clicking “Quit” at the main menu because there’s no way back into the main menu once you’ve clicked Quit. Or maybe we just need a “Back to Main Menu” button on the upsell page or something like that.

    You can get back to the main menu by pressing Escape (on currently supported platforms) on the upsell screen.

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    We need an “Are you sure?” prompt when clicking “Quit” at the main menu because there’s no way back into the main menu once you’ve clicked Quit. Or maybe we just need a “Back to Main Menu” button on the upsell page or something like that.

    You can get back to the main menu by pressing Escape (on currently supported platforms) on the upsell screen.

    Oh wow, I’m very surprised that I didn’t discover this before. Thank you!

    So then all we need is some sort of way to prevent accidental quits out of the game that you’re currently playing because clicking “Quit to Menu” doesn’t ask if the player is sure they want to do that.

    Prepare for Overload…

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    Noticed something while testing to see how high framerate I can get on lower graphics settings… It seems that mouse sensitivity is somehow dependant on framerate. As FPS gets higher, mouse sensitivity seems slower. Compared to 60 fps, mouse movement at 120+ fps feels very sluggish, just as if sensitivity was lowered by more than half. Also if FPS drops dramatically, even for a moment, there’s a sudden flick move. This is the same in all of the teaser builds released so far. Changing “mouse smoothing” setting didn’t have an effect on this. I quickly tested if this was the case for keyboard yaw/pitch turning as well, and it seems it’s not. Keyboard “sensitivity” is the same no matter what FPS. Not sure if it matters but I’m playing on Windows 10 64-bit and the mouse is Zowie FK2.

    This is very problematic for mouse users. Mouse sensitivity and everything about mouse movement should ideally be independant of framerate. Framerate dependant mouse moves makes it impossible to predict mouse movements which makes good aiming impossible. Framerate can vary in different parts of a level and this constantly changes the feel of the mouse. Using Vsync to limit max FPS doesn’t really help because sudden dips in framerate will still result in heightened sensitivity mouse flicks. Also Vsync adds input lag and sometimes framerate stuttering and I personally haven’t ever used it in FPS games.

    So ideally mouse movement should be independant of framerate. If this isn’t for some reason possible, there should atleast be a setting/command to limit FPS without the use of Vsync. (Vsync is not good because it’s tied to refresh rates of monitor and adds input lag). Hope this gets sorted out at some point.

    Other notes about this latest build:
    -Framerate performance in “foundry” level was clearly better than in the “rough” build. Of course it also looks better.
    -Couldn’t tell the difference between uni-/bi-/trichording as clearly as in the previous builds. With a small timing experiment I could see bichording was slightly faster. Couldn’t really tell a difference between bichording and trichodring though. I think there should be more a tangible boost. At the moment trichording doesn’t seem worth the effort.

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