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    Pip pip, cheerio — better late than never! Big hype for this patch — rebalance is a step in the right direction, but hitscans still need some tweaks. A lot of changes, like Phantoms and Alternates don’t show up here (if I recall), but they’re pretty neat. Backfire is straight from Descent 1 — add the sign with the moon on it that says ‘ALPHA’ and I’d swear this game was a remake. This build is fast and chaotic — without extreme-threat targets like Guards/Reavs in the mix, you can do really well, but with them you can fall apart really easy once shield drops start falling off — see #s 8 and 10 below. My second flight out in Inf/H/Syrinx saw a PB (by 3 kills lol) of 518.

    I’ve also run into a bit of a bug with Backfire — I’ve 100 kills in both Inf/Hotshot and a few Countdown runs on various difficulties and JUST REALIZED I NEED 100 ON ACE, DUH

    Some initial thoughts:
    1. Reavers and Guards are still giving me the business fairly solidly.
    2. I wasn’t sure if Alternates would be mixed in or if they would totally replace robots — it’s the latter which is pretty cool. Some are definitely harder than their counterparts, such as the Goblin, and goblin-weapon-titans are laughably easy. Hoping to see a few tweaks to keep them balanced, but nothing is presenting much of an issue just yet.
    2a. Ogre alternates (with the really slow Driller-DX) are bang on the money for what I’d like to see from them and Guardians in terms of projectiles, and even then they’re still a bit fast.
    3. Missiles have a serious physics throw to them now — just a tad too much, from weaklings like Wyverns, I think.
    4. Robot kills in the score screen are separated by class (regular and super), but damage isn’t. Any chance we could see those split on the other side?
    5. I’m noticing I do one damage using the Driller, but never used it in a match. I’ll keep playing with it but it’s a bit odd.
    6. Games seem to heat up even faster than before — awesome! Especially in Countdown this is a game-changer.
    7. Overall density also seems to have increased, especially on Countdown. Set a few PBs on previously-optimized Centrifuge.
    8. Local and moment-to-moment density has greatly increased! Lots of robots spawning way close in, sometimes at point-blank, and there is no wake-up time for them. Yinut mentioned that Luke said this was intended behavior — it’s bordering on unfair in my opinion. If it is, would it be possible to get a leading indicator of about 1 second before the robots actually appear (like a translucent sphere or a purple electrical something), and/or a delay before they activate? An SGoblin popping in a few feet behind you and unloading is obnoxious on lower difficulties — haven’t played Insane yet but it’ll almost assuredly cost runs for more than a few people.
    9. Hydra changes are a good step but are occasionally still too fast and volleys have a bit too many shots in them at short ranges, but they’re doing a bit less damage overall which is helpful.
    10. The patch notes mention a significantly reduced chance of consecutive same-type robot spawns, but I’ve had many instances of strings of the same robot jumping in. This is more noticeable with Guards/Reavs since they’re bigger threats, but I’ve also seen large quantities of Titans and Krakens jump in one after another. This issue is magnified when tough robots spawn consecutively and very close to the player.
    11. STitans seem to have been buffed but just a tad too hard — the missiles are basically undodgeable. Could they get slowed down just a bit?
    11a. Much better lock sound!
    12. Did the lighting change? Everything seems flatter. Granted I’m running at minimum settings but the Titan materials in particular look much better.
    12a. This might be my settings and jet lag, but everything feels a little more visually chaotic and tough to discern in dense combat.
    13. Did Falcons get slightly bigger? Did all the missiles get slightly bigger? They seem bigger.
    13a. Did the Falcon sound change? It’s much less satisfying now, whereas it was really snappy and fun before.
    14. Phantoms are a bit too strong for how difficult to see they are — they can take a lot of heat and keep coming, it feels like.
    14a. Did y’all consider doing low-poly wireframes? Not to say I don’t like the current design, just curious about the process.
    15. Scorpions are way aggressive up until they get to the player. I’m also seeing much higher self-inflicted damage numbers…not to say there’s a causative effect but there’s at least a bit of correlation imo.
    16. In the same vein as #15, was self-inflicted damage generally increased a bit?
    17. I find the Devastator blast radius to be a bit inconsistent. I’d love to see a faint praxis effect (like with SGorgon deaths) that quickly shows how far out the damage radius goes.
    18. Shredders don’t bounce on Rookie/Hotshot, but retain this old behavior on Ace/Insane. It’s pretty obnoxious and with them becoming significantly quieter/faster/denser in this build, they’re a bit too formidable.

    That’s about it — might add more in the future here. Excited for this and more, as always!

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