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    Also, a word to anyone who is considering an upgrade from Win7 to Win10. As you may or may not know, M$ is dropping support for Win7 soon which means as much as you may like the OS, it’s time to move on. What isn’t widely advertised however is that you can upgrade from Win7 to Win10 for free!

    Here’s a link to the page.

    I’d personally recommend getting a USB stick and uploading it with the installation media so you can keep it for any time you may need to recover the system from a serious issue. So if you are temped to get a pre-built system and think you’re getting a good deal because it includes the OS – think again, you’re not.

    If you consider what you can salvage from your current PC, things such as the PSU, ODD and HDD then you’re saving a good £120 right away. You may need a new case depending upon how old your current system is but to save money there try and find a local outlet where you can take it home yourself and avoid any shipping fees since some places may charge a significant amount due to the size of the package.

    Generally speaking, if you shop around you can build a system yourself for around half of what it would cost pre-built. After putting my current rig together I looked around and found that to get a system of this spec pre-made I would have had to spend over £1200.

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