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    Hey Guys,

    If you haven’t seen Overload Multiplayer, be sure to check it out! It’s currently in beta to those available, and I will be playing live on my stream. Come embarass me!

    Also please if you can click follow on my stream, that’d be a great help starting out as I can’t promote/do as much until I reach 50 followers. This should help promote Overload.

    I will mostly post from now on in the “Brags and Links” section about my stream but I figured folks that haven’t seen Multiplayer action from a non-dev point of view might want to see it!

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    Thank you for the link, birdseye! What times are you usually streaming? Just followed you and will definitely check it out = )

    Also, just saw there’s 3 videos up from birdseye’s past streams, they’re pretty great!

    Topics: 6
    Replies: 45


    It looks like I likely won’t stream anymore. They broke the mouse limiting controls on launch day and the updates they did fixed nothing. I had hoped to be playing as Twitch_Birdseye a lot, pointing people to my stream but I can’t get much enjoyment out of the game as it is right now.

    If they find a way to make the mouse limiting work like it used to I’d likely continue the stream.

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