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    You know, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, it would be really nice to be able to make, or if somebody attempted to make remixed versions of the Overload game soundtrack in the snes style using the Mega Man X sound fonts, like X1, 2, and 3.

    I’m very curious to hear what that would sound like? 🙂 Like actually attempt to remix overload music in the snes style with the mega man x sound fonts, and maybe a few others for additional instruments, but predominantly Mega Man X styled sound just to hear what that would sound like.

    Hopefully this motivates somebody to make that attempt! 😀

    In fact, had anybody even thought about that yet?

    I was kind’a trying to do that, but unfortunately I’m not very skilled at making music, soooo…. 😛

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    How about Sega Genesis remixes? I think Megadrive emulation vsts would sound better than soundfonts since soundfonts can sound muffled or low-fi depending on what player and soundfonts you use and which notes you play. Here’s a free one I recommend using

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    Ah I love FM synths. Giving this one a test drive for sure.

    As for chiptunes you should definitely ask Allister. He’s very good at the sort of conversion between midi and audio forms — he did it for Descent after all, and he did it in reverse for Trackmania on the DS. And I think he may still have the equipment to do a chiptune for real without resorting to soundfonts.

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    I had not only been thinking about snes 16-bit styled Overload music remixes using mostly megaman x instruments, but also about n64 styled versions of Overloads music that sound like they would fit right in with Forsaken 64, another 6Dof that was also my entry to the 6dof genre.

    Come to think of it, some of Overloads music actually does share some auditorial similarities to some of Forsakens music.

    For Example, some parts of level 2’s theme, aka Tarvos, also shared with foundry, sounds similar to some parts of this theme from forsaken. Level 7 Titan workshop/Hives theme sounds the most similar to this theme over all if you listen very carefully.

    Almost like more slowed down versions partially ;p

    I guess you can also hear it in this version of the same theme from the ps1 version too.

    Probably wouldn’t be to much of a stretch for n64 styled Overload music to possibly sound like something that you would hear from forsaken 64, or like it would be in a fabled hypothetical sequel to forsaken that was still on the n64. That is, if could make such remixes at all just to hear how they would sound like. 🙁

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