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    Nintendo just broke news of their successor to the ailing Wii U called the “Switch”

    Check out the Press Release here

    Is it possible for Overload to be ported to this? As a near launch title I could see it getting a lot of attention from a new generation of gamers. And Nintendo tends to put a lot of sensors in to their controllers which might make for more intuitive gyro assisted control. The timing could be really good, and Nintendo appears to be promoting a more ‘indie friendly’ image since the Wii U came out. What does Revival think?

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    It’s too early to know if we’ll be able to support it. The major factor is just raw horsepower. Is it close to the PS4/XB1? It looks like it has enough shoulder buttons (two on each side) to handle all the controls, but I haven’t seen a clear pic yet. And then there’s the time it takes. If Unity is slow to support the Switch, the port may be too late. And we have a lot of other commitments already in terms of platforms, so Switch would have to wait for everything else.


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    Unity would be the deciding factor I guess! Thanks for looking in to it.

    For what it’s worth I found out that it is powered by NVidia hardware. Maybe it has a lot in common with the Shield platform.(edit, it’s a tegra chip!)

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    I mean, it kind of looks like a glorified Android tablet. It’s powerful enough to run Skyrim, which is promising, but also an echelon below what Overload seems to require under Unity 5. If they had Witcher 3 running on it, then yeah, it’d probably be fine – didn’t see anything quite on that level though.

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    I expect that Overload should be scalable to run on it – but whether that would entail more work than its worth is not yet known. All we know about performance is that it is a newer chip design and that it will support both mobile and dedicated mode, which is speculated to be more powerful than the mobile-only option

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    The Nintendo Switch devkit is just a Tegra-X1 SoC and extremely similar to the Nvidia Shield Console. NoA is working with Unity Technologies so it should be available to Unity Devs. Soon.. ish..

    If you start by building on a Nvidia Shield Console porting from that would be not to hard to do.

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