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    Overload Team
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    Hey Overloaders,

    As one of the steps for getting ready for the Full Game to release, we want to update the Teaser (It’s over a year old at this time). We’re going to set it live probably by Monday at the latest, but before then, we were hoping to get a couple of extra eyes on it. If any of you have time, please take a look and reply in the PlayOverload Forums (or in email to We are looking for both problems and any feedback about things that you think would reflect negatively on player’s experience. We want people to try this for free and then *want* to buy the game :). Thanks.

    To play it…
    1. Download the Overload Playable Teaser (seperate from the full game – search Overload Teaser in Steam).
    2. Right click on the game in your Steam Library and select ‘Properties’.
    3. Select the ‘Betas’ tab.
    4. Type “newplayableteaser” (without the quotes) in the box and select ‘Check Code’
    5. From the pulldown menu, select the ‘beta’ beta (when you’re done looking at the beta build, do steps 1-3 and then select the ‘none’ beta here).
    6. Click ‘Close’ – your Overload Teaser should now update to the Beta build.
    7. Run the game and see if you encounter any issues (and let us know if you do).
    (Note that you can play it in VR, but there’s currently not a launcher icon for it – navigate to the folder that it lives in and run the appropriate .bat file for it.)

    Some notes about this build…
    It is (basically) current codebase for the game, so it is newer than the current EA build (by over a month).
    It has some additional text that’s unique to the Teaser, so it’s only about 60% localized – stuff shows up in English more than it should.
    It has the Training Level and the Outpost Level built-in, but no additional Missions.
    The Outpost Mission has a ‘bonus’ pre-mission screen that technically shouldn’t be there, but will give you a bit of new info about the game :).
    It only has Caverns and Syrinx, and no Countdown or Leaderboards. Also, Crusher/Reflex/Thunderbolt/Nova/Timebomb aren’t in it, and there are only 8 regular robots & 5 super ones available in them.

    A non-complete list of some things that have been fixed since the last EA drop:
    Stop Shredder and Supers from entering runaway mode (this caused the spamming fire from some Supers that was terrifying)
    Stop Timebomb effect & explosions from carrying over to a new match
    Fixed cyclone rapid fire exploit (spamming the fire button)
    Fixed Quad Impulse firing through walls
    Fixed Flares firing through walls
    Invert Slide works for mouse
    Prevent weapon wheel slo-mo exploit (you lose most momentum pretty quick)
    Quad Impulse no longer 2x as loud as it should have been!!
    WASD will navigate menus (for those VR keyboard party people)
    Fix exploit for getting extra Missiles in CM
    Shift+A & Shift+C copy CM data from *all* sessions in this run (Ctrl+ will do just the most recent)
    Relock cursor on regained focus!!!!!!
    Joystick settings work in german/french
    Fixed the ‘black spots’ in a lot of the caves (most caves had 1+ obnoxious black spot on their walls)
    Fixed a couple of issues where certain robots could get ‘stuck’

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    The teaser plays great. I did not encounter any problems so far. Three suggestions:

    1) Map a default key for the Hologuide. During the training simulator, you can’t release the Hologuide until the player goes to the settings and maps the key. Similar situation if someone decides to play Challenge Mode and wanted to switch the upgrade.

    2) Add music to the Outpost Mission. I believe it would further convince someone to buy the game because a) the music is awesome, b) it’s an integral part of the Overload experience, c) stimulate the nostalgia for players that have played Descent before (though the gameplay already does that :))

    3) I’m not sure if this was done on purpose, but some of the auto-ops are facing the wrong direction. So when I opened the first door in the training simulator, you see the auto-op facing the other way. Same with after the first door in the Outpost Mission. Not sure if this was by chance.

    Kickstarter Backer
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    Edited to fix my stupid – Teaser 3.0 feels great overall. I played through Outpost, 50 kills Ace CM Syrinx and 100 kills Hotshot CM Caverns, all felt good and I didn’t notice any issues playing through. Performance was good for the most part, but I was getting a pretty regular frame drop in Challenge Mode from mid 100’s down to 80. It would only last for a frame or two, but you could see/feel it. I ran it with all the bells and whistles on and didn’t drop below 100fps at any point during gameplay outside of that regular-ish drop/hitch (>130 average) (gtx 1080, i5 6600, 16gb ram, 1440p). Comparing to 2.0, I get a higher average fps, but I don’t see the drops in 2.0. I was exporting a recording while playing LOL. Going back in, the hitching went away (duh). Other than that, it is a really solid demo. Two things stood out to me (besides the hitch obviously):

    1. Mouse control feels different. It seems more responsive to small movements. Not something anyone new would notice obviously, it just stood out to me. It feels kind of, I dunno, off.

    2. Main menu music seems panned right

    I also agree with Tiger that music should be included in the Outpost demo level. It really adds to the experience. Apologies for any confusion from this post pre-edit, but at least it allowed me to test out 2.0 and 3.0 back to back. There are really solid feel, QoL, and visual improvements throughout. Though I kind of like the spoopier Caverns lol (that unlit vertical shaft).

    Its….late. lol

    Kickstarter Backer
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    whoo stream of consciousness as always, let’s do it:

    1. new loading bar, nice!

    2. interface tweaks, nice!
    2a. I’ve noticed the left arrow on, for instance, gfx options, only highlights when the mouse is right on it. When positioned anywhere else in that space (left edge of left arrow and right of right arrow), it will default to lighting up the right arrow. nbd, may want to widen the left-highlight range
    2b. build number…?

    3. pri/sec got flipped in cm weapon select menu EDIT: wow they’re responsive to the player’s interface L/R selection, nice touch.

    4. uhhh vert/horiz sens arent equal by default?? should be 25/25 or 50/50 on first install imo unless my old pilot profile was jackarooskid. this is dumb but can unity (or any application outside driver packages) detect mouse DPI? set some default values based on some quick formula?
    4a. had to set up a bunch of basic key remaps — rearview, boost, hologuide, etc,.

    5. new boost icon in hud is nice

    6. recessed lighting in syrinx like woah…new? tweaked? just better settings? looks gorge tbh. syrinx itself is a lot bluer and darker.

    7. 100 fps + with all gfx on incl screen-space reflections (gtx1070, 16g ddr3 ram, i5-4590)

    8. woah nellay did that lava get dark or what…(in fact everything kinda did maybe)
    8a. lava seems to be a slightly more present tactical option or I just killed something with it for the first time in 100+ hours
    8b. to that end the new/larger something-hit-lava effect is nice. would love to see it scaled up in size even further for missiles larger than the MP

    9. impulse quads appears to have had hardpoints moved slightly, hopefully easier to aim. new pattern looks good, little tough at point-blank. unless I haven’t used it in *that* long

    10.saw a super hydra do a crazy evade — crossed ~.5 of the central area on syrinx, not including the rings, to one of the edges in less than a half second on hotshot. was at long range so it wasnt a huge deal but it was a tough chase to get it afterward
    10a.SHydras generally are too good at evading again — can easily outmaneuver a tracker falcon at the same distance listed above, one also prefired around a corner at near-point-blank.

    11. cyc-x4 takes forever to wind up

    12. that self-damage is brutal without the upgrade! only got to 210 at 12 minutes.

    13. wow the lighting definitely changed, caverns looks rocky and really pretty.
    13a. topography changes are interesting, sorta preferred the vertical tunnels to the flatter floor changes but caverns isn’t my best so I’ll live
    13b. I can shoot out of that one ceiling grate and this is totally nit-picky but the projectiles stop really short above the level.

    14. I’m annoyed I recycled my eclipse glasses; would have been useful now that the flares are so bright! a few nits down should be perfect.

    15. new weapon pickup sound is great — a tad louder and it’s even greater

    16. automap flicker is a bit heavy and noticeable.

    17.h ologuide current objective font looks like it’s shrunk disproportionately to fit the space. most ascenders and some crossbars have this issue. ‘finding security key’ is a good example
    17a. holo-guide’s sound is adorable

    18. locked door and shielded object sounds aren’t loud enough imo

    19. sticky flares dont stick to the reactor but they reflect off its spinning blades and I think that’s funny

    20. wow the mine gets all wiggly the longer the self-destruct goes on, neato

    21. shredder blades not spinning, only emitting sparks.

    22. should there be more feedback on leaving an energy center? as of now it looks like a framerate hitch. oh the barriers are slightly physically reflective! that’s a neat effect and a cool bit of polish — would love to have it be more obvious.

    23. !!!!!was something changed control-wise? moving my mouse at high speeds gets a very slow, clunky turn, and it’s *usually* a little quicker and more responsive. limiting/smoothing all off ofc. Snaps across my mousepad (12in, 800dpi, 36 X/Y sens) result in quarter-turns, but small movements result in some pretty huge moves. EDIT: this is also in the live EA build but either less noticeable or I’m just losing my head over a placebo I’ve made up. is this control thing…normal? I’m sure eventually I’ll stop noticing but for now I’m like whoa. It def does feel kinda weird. EDIT2: thinking again it’s heavier in PT3. boosting and breaking into a right-facing down-sliding trichord feels wayyyyy slower than current live. I’m on hybrid movement as usual. EDIT3: was sensitivity generally lowered? 36 feels more responsive in live EA than PT3. I’m not sure but I think horiz/vert sensitivities are out of scale which is a huge no-no in my book. Large movements need too much effort, small movements need too much overcorrection. I think this might be on every sensitivity or I’m making shit up idk send help

    24. In the exit menu, the word ‘lots’ for CM levels is cheesy. 10+ is good imo. Having the learn more button on exit in the middle is kinda underhanded. Stack them so folks are forced to read? I expect the exit button there since it’s been there for like…months, but still…

    25. This PT gets points for being more in line with an old-school demo than just a teaser (which I usually think are pretty short), and might want to call itself one! Folks pine for those times! There’s a lot of content and game experience here. Maybe a little too much of CM — just give them one map, current bot/weapon makeup, and 7 minutes for each infinite run? Maybe that’s too little, idk — I’m not a marketer, this is definitely y’alls call. Descent had 7 levels and multiplayer for its demo! Whatever, in any scenario it’s good. This is good. I would buy this game.

    Kickstarter Backer
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    A few thoughts.

    1. It’s the smoothest running, best looking build I’ve seen so far. The new lighting especially looks great.

    2. I’d say that this is the perfect amount of content. If I were just getting into the game It would probably keep me busy for a good 3-4 hours before I needed to buy the full game to get more variety. Also, good call on leaving Guardians, Golems, and Reavers out. I wouldn’t be surprised if those were actually able to turn people off of buying the game, especially if they’re new to 6dof and just learning to navigate.

    3. In the post-game screen after a CM run it might be good to replace the “Offline” notification with “Leaderboards Available in Full Game”. I know that’s there in the level select screen but I think it would be more noticeable after a run, and in a different color.

    4. Give the spinning model of the Kodachi in the pre-level screen for Outpost some Impulse Cannons. It says you have them as standard and I suspect it would look cooler. I like the spinning ship though, I think it adds to the excitement if you get to see what you’re about to fly.

    5. What if there were a short montage of play from the full game highlighting features that aren’t in the demo like other weapons, maps, bots? My first thought would be to have it after hitting exit button to leave the game.

    On the whole I think 3.0 is really good. It conveys what the game is actually like and provides just enough fun gameplay to make people eager for more.

    Kickstarter Backer
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    Looks great, it would certainly make me buy it!

    Yes, to echo the comments above, Outpost needs to have music. In fact I’ve never noticed how quiet the game is without it. Outside of combat and interactions, if you’re flying along there’s complete silence. This seems a bit odd. I’d have expected at least some kind of engine noise. I know some people do play without music, perhaps mixing in some quiet engine noises (only really audible if the music is off) would be a good idea, because I’d be wondering if the audio was bugged otherwise. Can’t remember if Descent was like this, never played without the music.

    Speaking of music, the track used on Syrinx seems more suited to a Campaign level, not a frantic CM.

    I also wonder if there’s some way of using an animated arrow / text combo when the game first hits the main menu to draw attention to where the tutorial is for first time players. Given that this is the PT, maybe even have the tutorial right there on the main page. Might get a bit lost and discouraged if you jump into Challenge Mode first.

    I also noticed, on the tutorial, the bot beyond the first door was parked with its back to the door! I nearly ran up its exhaust pipe. Not where I expected to find it.

    Also not used to the strangely muted lava.

    Otherwise yeah, it looks and feels great. Love the headlights on the bots in dark areas (was this in there before?).

    Mike Kulas
    Overload Team
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    Thanks for all the great feedback and bug reports. Most of this has been fixed. We’ll probably update later today.

    Kickstarter Backer
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    One thing I forgot to mention. The release notes say that Thunderbolt has been removed. However it is still a secret item in The Outpost level. Just wanted to make sure that was intentional.

    Overload Team
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    Ah. Good point. I meant it wasn’t available in CM, though obviously my quickly-written blurb about it was unclear ;).

    Topics: 4
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    not sure if that even matters at this point but the first cm upgrade still says that it unlocks the thunderbolt
    anyways good job with the teaser


    Prepare for Multiplayer

    Kickstarter Backer
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    Experience gain could be adjusted per difficulty. Currently looks it’s about 1 exp per kill whether I’m playing in Ace or Insane+.

    I think players should be rewarded by higher experience gain for upgrades on higher difficulties, gives more incentive for players to try harder difficulties. This could be mentioned in the difficulty selection.

    1. like the new lava
    2. Caverns lighting feels better
    3. Not sure what I think about the light volume of flare. I tend to spam the normal flare instead of sticky as the sticky does not emit enough light
    4. The exit in Outpost seems to be easier to find than previously. I think this is good for a demo level.
    5. Is there a reason why trainee mode cannot be played on CM levels after insane+ is unlocked? Feels odd to see it in the scoreboard, but not be able to play it.

    Overload Team
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    Hello people of the party and non-party variety. We have uploaded a new Teaser to the Beta branch, for those of you that have some time to look at the new hotness. Fixes/changes to the Teaser:
    New Pilots (or people coming from old Teaser) will have HoloGuide, etc automatically mapped
    Added some hot beats to Outpost level
    Fixed Shredder Blades not spinning
    CM post-match screen now say ‘Leaderboards available in Full Game’
    Changed music in Syrinx
    Options -> Control Options -> Advanced Options -> Max Turn Ramping: Discuss
    Tweaked some self-damage numbers pre-upgrade
    Tweaked Exit/Upsell Screen language

    Also, when the New Teaser goes live (this weekend, I think), there should also be a link on our website to get it w/out Steam.

    Kickstarter Backer
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    Ok, so I went back into it with a fresh set of eyes today. I was tired last night lol. Just want to add to and clarify some of comments, as well as echo some sentiments above.

    Lighting looks fantastic – really stands out in Syrinx, especially in the rings. It is beautiful.
    Textures look great – Caverns is a great place to show that off.
    Both lighting and textures look great on both, but I think both maps really show off one or the other.

    Lava pit looks/sounds have really improved. I love the bubbly liquidy feel they have to them.

    Running with all the bells and whistles on and I didn’t notice any hiccups in the Training, Outpost, or CM maps (cm up to 100 kills).

    Mouse control does feel different. Large swipes hit a limit, and there’s a slight bump/over correction to that limit on big flicks, which feels quite awkward to me. I have a huge mouse pad (Razer Goliathus) and play with a low sensitivity (1250 dpi, 7 in-game sens). That’s how I play every fps. So this feels very weird and stood out immediately – It just took me a bit to figure out what (Edit: Clarification – the live build similarly restricts overly large,fast movements, but it does not have that bump of what feels like over-correction). Small, smooth movement gets you around fast -too fast- often requiring over correction on the other end. Not sure if this was a balance decision or what, but you can turn just as quickly as before, it just requires less surface area – which seems like a weird decision. I can effectively use 1/3 of my playable surface with the same functional result (just less comfortable imo). <–This is with limiting set to off. Edit: Echoing Chilly again, x & y axis feels different, I think this may be playing a role in what were all feeling. That and I’m not too sure on what the new Ramping option does. I sat in the training room and played around with the different settings for ~10 minutes or so.

    Dev icon seems clearer. In my head?

    Overheat icon is neat

    Yay Quad!!!!!

    Training mission feels like a solid introduction/familiarization to the game.

    Hologuide sounds, animations, and design are great – It did seem to go astray after the “exit the door to end the simulation” message. It went back into the cave below, halfway down the tunnel, turned around, then deactivated to save energy – I issued no order’s just pressed B as the prompt suggests. On a second play-through it exited the door as it should.

    Door Button effect looks great. I don’t know if it’s been here or not, but I dig it.

    The distortion and being knocked around during reactor destructs is awesome!

    ++ For adding music to Outpost.
    Exit screen looks solid.

    I purchased Overload immediately after playing Teaser 2.0, and I would certainly purchase it after 3.0. This is really a solid demo/introduction with quite a bit of meat on its bones.

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    Oh, it seems I can’t even read. To bad. Well it’s almost 4am so I’d better go to sleep – will check Teaser 3.0 tomorrow then. Thanks, Yoshi.

    Kickstarter Backer
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    Looks like you didn’t get the 3.0 beta update then Maniak.

    I just fired up B24 to test out the new Max Turn Ramping option. I hate it. It makes joystick movement feel unpredictable and imprecise. I suspect this feature might be in response to Jedi Luke’s mouse limiting thread. If so it doesn’t help. Even increasing the turn and bank rates to +4 feels better than this. using the setting makes it so that you can’t tell how fast you’re going to turn at any given moment,destroys all sense of responsiveness, and kills my already limited aiming ability.

    The fact is that I already felt like joystick control was perfect with the turn rates set at “normal” and no ramping. It might not be competitive head to head with an unlimited mouse but it’s smooth and easy to control.

    All the other changes seem good though. None of them are major but everything seems to be achieving the desired results. It’s especially good to have music in Outpost, although the track in Syrinx is kinda hard to hear, even when I turn the volume up.

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