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    Still a bit buggy

    – Random explosions after some inactivity (old bug)
    – Joystick hat: Diagonal selection wheel problems (very old bug)
    – One crash when exiting (just before exit/upsell screen)
    Overload Playable Teaser [version: Unity 2017.1.3p2 (744dab055778)]
    OverloadPlayableTeaser.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
    in module OverloadPlayableTeaser.exe at 0033:4044ec7c.

    WARNING: A robot is set to drop nothing: entity_enemy_BladesA(Clone) so dropping an armor.
    Mismatched serialization in the builtin class ‘AudioClip’. (Read 76 bytes but expected 96 bytes)
    (Filename: Line: 1902)
    The file ‘F:/Games/steamapps/common/Overload Playable Teaser/OverloadPlayableTeaser_Data/resources.assets’ is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again!
    [Position out of bounds!]
    (Filename: Line: 221)
    Mismatched serialization in the builtin class ‘Texture2D’. (Read 108 bytes but expected 120 bytes)
    (Filename: Line: 1902)
    Could not open file F:/Games/steamapps/common/Overload Playable Teaser/OverloadPlayableTeaser_Data for read
    (Filename: Line: 56)
    async texture load: failed to load D¬ from F:/Games/steamapps/common/Overload Playable Teaser/OverloadPlayableTeaser_Data

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    Posting this so it doesn’t get lost in the discord feed:

    just went back to b104 to look at the control issue, got a cool ‘there is a new update available’ text block at the main menu, so that works, FYI. only to 106 though so it might just step forward one public #, idk

    so the control issue from last post is endemic, not epidemic, though the PT3 codebase mightve changed it subtly (I do notice pitch controls are a bit heavier!!), it’s in every build going back to PT2

    tl;dr it’s a non-issue but it weirds me out man. might have to do with the hard upper limit on turn rate (even when uncapped) for emulation of the legacy flight model. not in favor of changing it but also not in favor of not changing it after all this time since it does work and it does feel pretty good once you’re in it and practiced…idk, I’d have to test both this and traditional fps controls out and see what I like to make sound judgement on it and we’re kinda 10 patch cycles past that point lol. something something heightens the skill ceiling? here’s the vid:

    EDIT:::::::: I think it’s best without the turn ramping thing. If there is a limit-even-though-it-says-there-is-no-limiting with mouse sensitivity though, turn speed should be capped, not toss inputs. It’s workable and without ramping I don’t really notice the pitch ‘weight’ I’ve mentioned a few times as much.

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    I was watching the credits roll after completing The Outpost, and before the credits finished, I instinctively pressed Pause/Break to get back to the Main Menu but I was put back into the very end of The Outpost and I had no clue where I was and the countdown was still commencing. The countdown finished and then the game was over.

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    Edited to fix my stupid – Teaser 3.0 feels great overall. I played through Outpost, 50 kills Ace CM Syrinx and 100 kills Hotshot CM Caverns, all felt good and I didn’t notice any issues playing through. Performance was good for the most part, but I was getting a pretty regular frame drop in Challenge Mode from mid 100’s down to 80. It would only last for a frame or two, but you could see/feel it. I ran it with all the bells and whistles on and didn’t drop below 100fps at any point during gameplay outside of that regular-ish drop/hitch (>130 average) (gtx 1080, i5 6600, 16gb ram, 1440p). Comparing to 2.0, I get a higher average fps, but I don’t see the drops in 2.0. I was exporting a recording while playing LOL. Going back in, the hitching went away (duh). Other than that, it is a really solid demo. Two things stood out to me (besides the hitch obviously):

    1. Mouse control feels different. It seems more responsive to small movements. Not something anyone new would notice obviously, it just stood out to me. It feels kind of, I dunno, off.

    2. Main menu music seems panned right

    I also agree with Tiger that music should be included in the Outpost demo level. It really adds to the experience. Apologies for any confusion from this post pre-edit, but at least it allowed me to test out 2.0 and 3.0 back to back. There are really solid feel, QoL, and visual improvements throughout. Though I kind of like the spoopier Caverns lol (that unlit vertical shaft).

    Its….late. lol

    I agree that the mouse control doesn’t feel quite right.

    Edit: After playing a lot more, I no longer have a problem with it. Dare I say, I think this slight change is making it easier for me to handle situations where I’m completely surrounded and overwhelmed with robots.

    Edit 2: I was working off build 22. Build 24 feels different yet again thanks to Max Turn Ramping. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to get the feel to be just right so that I’m never distracted by it.

    Edit 3: I hate it. Please return the feel back to the way it was in Early Access Version 0.9 Build 120.

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    it also feels weird/bad to play with the joystick
    Even when i turn the deadzone off it feels like there is no reaction ingame when i make little movements or is it just a non linear ramping ?
    if there is a deadzone it would be nice to get the option to turn it off
    if there is a non linear ramping it would be nice to have a option to witch to a linear one
    i tried using to set up my own curves but it doesnt seem to work with sidewinder + adapter + playable teaser B24

    the max turn ramping option is a pretty good idea but currently its hard to use as you have normal turning and then suddenly the much faster turning which is like several times the speed you had before

    is it a option to reduce the inertia of the ship while turning ?

    Edit: does anyone else have the problem that when you open the PBT3.24 in steam and exit the game later ,steam keeps saying that its still open


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    Joystick user’s perspective on ‘max turn ramping’:

    Seems like this setting is what terminal suggested in the What overload multiplayer needs to succeed

    1. when ‘off’. I felt no difference compared to the early access build. So to me it looks like an additional setting that people can either use or not use. If you don’t like it set it ‘off’… Did not test if the feel is different with mouse.
    2. related to what was discussed in the linked topic. This seems to counter on some level the disadvantage joystick has vs mouse in relation to turn speed when wiggling the joystick. Ie. you are able to make a quick look on right and then look to left again without the ships inertia slowing you too much.
    3. Controlling the ship with joystick when having both turn rate and max turn ramping set to max pretty much made the ship uncontrollable. But I found some good combinations for both of these. Some used ‘high’ turn ramping with a low turn speed. Some on the middle. Anyways it felt that I could see someone using a little bit different settings depending on the map layout.

    Bottom line, if ‘off’ setting for the max turn ramping would only keep everything as they are now. I see no reason why an additional setting could not exist for those who want a little bit more versatility to affect how the joystick for example handles.

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    So the mouse limiting in the public teaser build is very different from the mouse limiting in build 0.9.
    I play with limiting on strong and in the teaser my ship turns so fast I’m having trouble controlling it.
    Made a short video to compare: First teaser then 0.9

    If I put the limiting on very strong in the teaser it gets a little better but it’s still much quicker than strong in 0.9 and at least for me it kinda ruins the feel of the game :/

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    Also tested the mouse now and as phyrex’s video shows, the mouse behaves completely different with turn ramping ‘off’. I kinda feel that when it is set ‘off’ there should be no difference to the current EA build. That is, it should be an additional configuration, not something that changes current functionality when ‘off’. Or is it just a bug in the implementation?

    With joystick for me it was fine and I actually like the max turn ramping setting as it felt like an additional setting. Nothing changed when it was ‘off’.

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    I agree that it’s fine to have the Max Ramping feature so long as disabling it really disables it. I felt that joystick control was perfect in EA 0.9. As long as there is a set of options to give me that then additional settings for other people to use aren’t a problem. I just don’t think that the joystick ramping is the solution to the mouse vs. joystick debate.

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    I think build 25 of Playable Teaser 3.0 feels just like EA #9 for the mouse and keyboard, unlike builds 22 and 24! I love it.

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    We updated the Teaser…again :). Build 26. We’ll actually be doing at least 1 more update to it, we just wanted this fix out ASAP. Kind of hectic today, so not 100% that there weren’t other fixes, but, the main ones were…
    1. Updated the translations. Still not 100%, but non-English languages are now more translated.
    2. Fixed mouselook. Turning with the mouse had been inversely related to your framerate – higher fps = slower turning. Low framerate = crazy turning. It was pretty bad. This has been addressed.

    We will update it again when we can. The mouse fix also broke something else – if you move the mouse while paused, the game will snap rotate when unpausing. Not horrible, be we’ll want to fix it.

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    I have an issue.
    This is definetely not a bug and not in the teaser but in the game (EA).
    I experience some lagging in the game. Always, everywhere – except the teaser and the training level in EA.
    My config is not new but far better then the requirment. I has 50-70 fps @1600×900. The lagging is constant no matter how many auto-ops are in the area or how many effects flashes. And no matter how low i set the graphics.
    It’s very strange and a little bit annoying.

    My config:
    CPU: AMD Phenom II 955 BE @3200Mhz (load appr. 75-85%)
    RAM: DDR3 16Gb (game uses 700 Mb)
    VGA: AMD Radeon HD6970 w 2Gb vram (load appr. 85-90% w full memory usage)
    Input: Logitech G13 + Logitech Extrem 3D Pro (w/o mice)

    This is NOT a complaint, just some information. I LOVE the game anyway.

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    Just played through the teaser, and it’s a great demo to the full game! Maybe this will help ring in a new golden era of the “demo.” Man, I dunno how many hours I spent as a kid downloading and just playing demos. I and a friend of mine used to regularly duke it out in “The Core” in the D3 demo back in the day, probably sunk more time into that demo than many games I’ve actually bought… Ah, if only games these days had good demos instead of “open betas” and “first-hour campaigns”… [/nostalgia]

    So, one issue that did occur to me that doesn’t occur to me in the EA version is that graphical smoothing at lower resolutions doesn’t seem to work. I regularly play at 1366×768 for maximum performance and framerate steadiness, and in the EA it doesn’t look appreciably worse than at 1080p. In the teaser it’s…. Ugly, to put it mildly. Even with the anti-aliasing on, there are quite a lot of jagged edges and lines, and the menu is an eyesore.

    For example, the menu screen in the EA…
    EA Menu 1366x768

    VS. the menu screen in the Teaser…
    Teaser Menu 1366x768

    And the differences in gameplay are noticeable too. Otherwise, the two appear to perform almost identically at the same settings other than the smoothing problem in the Teaser.

    EDIT: Well, after image compression from uploading the JPEGs, it’s hard to tell a difference on this forum. It’s very noticeable in-game, though.

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    Mouse limiting is back to normal for me in build 26, thanks for the fix:)

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