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    Having just completed the Cronus Frontier campaign on Hotshot mode, upon the ending of the credit sequence, the game crashes and quits. I have tried it twice, once when attempting to skip the credits, and once when watching them all the way through, and it results in the same error.

    This also occurs when attempting to start a new mission on new game plus. Upon choosing “Cronus Frontier+,” the only available options are “Ymir Outpost.” Choosing this option always results in the same crash and error.

    I am not positive if this occurs on different difficulty levels.

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    My copy of the PS4 version also does exactly what you described.


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    I am encountering the same issue. The PS4 shows error CE-34878.

    I have tried the sugested actions and both my game and PS4 software are up to date.

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    Yeah I heard from a guy in my PS4 group (Overload Community) that he has the same error…I expect to get it too when i try to launch new game +.

    We probably won’t have an update/patch until they are finished ironing out the xbox version, and I don’t blame them for that. I saw the recent update on discord regarding the xbox version, thanks for clearing that up!

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