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    I am in direct aim of the eyewall of Hurricane Irma in SW Florida. Too late to leave. My house walls are strong. but my roof is what worries me. Only rated for 120mph.

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    My prayers are with you, that the hand of God would protect you and your family and all others in the line of the storm.

    Please let us know after the storm that you’re safe!

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    May not be the most religious cat in the jungle but I think it calls for a prayer anyway.
    You have all my hopes that you’ll be safe.

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    be safe.

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    Hope all is well

    Cathy Schneider
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    Hope you and your family are safe.

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    Well, it sounds like at least some of those prayers worked, because Irma wasn’t the wrecking ball it used to be by the time it reached Florida.

    Hopefully that helped in your situation as well.

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    Speaking of that particular hurricane, I hope that everyone in its zone is safe by now.

    My best wishes and prayers for all of you.

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    Doing ok here. Got power back. No gas around here. Lots of areas around here still flooded. Been helping out as many as I can with Ice and such. Lotsa trees down. Boil water notices and such.
    Thanks to all for the support

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    Topics: 4
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    can we archive this post? I lived. 🙂

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