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    I like Hawken’s startup sequence where the HUD shows the mech booting up. Some of the systems appear to FAIL system check! It gives a strong impression that the pilot is just a disposable piece of fleshy equipment sitting in a deathtrap.

    Hopefully the Overload ship is better maintained 🙂

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    Every good form of entertainment works together with with the imagination. If there’s something cool to show then by all means show it, but don’t be naive enough to think that 2016/2017 graphics can take the place of imagination. So no it wouldn’t be cool to just see it, even if it would be justifiably cool to see it. 🙂

    Hi Thorne, I am aware of the importance of imagination. I am also aware that no matter how good or well realized this game is, there will be many aspects ‘left to the imagination’. I like the idea of seeing a scene before entering the mines – and I don’t think you’d complain either heheh.

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    To avoid any misunderstanding, I’ve never said or thought that anything should be “left to the imagination”. In fact that’s rather the opposite of what I’m driving at. This is about giving the imagination something extra to work with before exposing the viewer to the best that 2016 graphics and the natural limitations of the art style has to offer. There has been a trend in gaming–going back quite a ways now–that has prematurely replaced cinematic cut-scenes with engine-rendered, scripted, in-game content. This is a means to cut costs, and it’s certainly more efficient. The problem is that when you advance the story using the same content and art style the player is exposed to in-game, you sacrifice the opportunity to sort of buff out the imperfections by priming the player’s imagination with a more believable presentation of the activity the player is wanting to virtually participate in.

    For instance, at every level start there could be a short sequence where all ship-systems boot up like in Sublevel Zero.
    Add to this a computer voice (preferable soothing female) like:

    Admittedly, I’m a bit of a sucker for stuff like this in games. In Mechwarrior Online (I seem to mention that game a lot on these forums), before a match starts, you see your pilot hitting a bunch of buttons and levers to power on his mech and all of its systems accompanied by a guitar riff. It’s a minor thing, but it just really gets you pumped up for the match ahead.

    Admittedly this is concerned just as much with using imagination to overcome the fact that you have a keyboard and a mouse in front of you instead of a complex Mech control panel, but it’s the same process at work on a different aspect of the game.

    So I’d love to see anything Revival wants to show us in this game, but I’d hate to see an opportunity missed in maximizing pre-game content by failing to adequately prime the players imagination and leaving your in-game experience to stand on its own. I would concede that this could probably fairly effectively be done using the in-game engine, but it would be a wasted effort, in my mind, since the purpose is defeated if you’re using only existing content, and it’s a little more work for a much bigger payoff if you just run exclusive content through a good rendering suite with better effects (granted you have the job of making it accurate in its more highly-detailed representation of certain assets which will have a presence in-game).

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