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    I’m planning on starting a thread on a large gaming forum soon, in anticipation of the release of Overload. I’ve been a member for many years on the board, so the thread shouldn’t appear to be non-organic or shameless promotion; I’m really excited for the success of Overload and I want it to show.

    What I’m asking for is the best promotional videos that I can embed into my thread for maximum impact. I can really only put two videos in my thread, because anything more is a bit spammy and cluttered. So I need two really great videos, and they can be gameplay, discussions, a mix of both, whatever, just the best material people can click on and get excited!

    I appreciate all contributions. And if the team is reading this and has some stuff in the bag for the release, I’d love to use it! Thanks.

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    I think personally that release trailer, and the twitch stream where Ben and… was it Ed? …explain a bit of the story premise and play through a few missions would be the most likely things to hook an outsider in.

    Then again I am about as far as it’s possible to be from an outsider myself, so you may want to wait and see if somebody else agrees. 😛

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    I already kinda did something like that, using the trailer and live stream videos for the game on my Devianart page in two separate journal blogs that each video got embedded to in order to promote the game.

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    You can find all our videos on our YouTube channel or here on our site under Media. We will have more as launch approaches. Thank you for spreading the word!

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    The Youtube Channel is a gold mine! Should have looked there first. Thank you.

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