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    I just found out about Overload a couple hours ago. I was a huge fan of Descent back on PS1 and am really looking forward to playing this on my PS4. I also have PSVR and was excited to see that PSVR support is planned. My question is if the PS4 version will have a physical disc version when it releases?

    Looking forward too it regardless.


    Overload Team
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    No plans on selling any physical copies for any system unfortunately, digital distribution makes the console launch significantly smoother as far as requirements for submission go.

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    Is there any new information about the console-versions?
    I already own the game on pc, but I am very exited about a ps4 vr-version because I got the psvr headset…

    Overload Team
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    Unfortunately there will not be PSVR (or physical copies). The load on the PS4 was a bit too heavy for VR to meet our standards, so we decided against it.

    As for the timetable, no definites right now, but we are in the process of getting it approved by Sony (and MS), so we are quickly approaching release.

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