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    Hello everyone!

    I’ve made an installer for DXX-Rebirth and DXX-Retro that will make it much easier to install. No more copying game files and such, just download, run, and go! 🙂

    You can download the Rebirth installer here: DXX-Rebirth Installer

    You can check out the source here: Rebirth Installer Github Source

    And the Retro installer here: DXX-Retro Installer

    It’s source is here: Retro Installer Github Source

    Retro is a mod of DXX-Rebirth which is geared towards the competitive multiplayer community.

    Here’s a bit of info on the addons available from within the installer:

    1. Vertigo for D2 (This was an official expansion created by Interplay. You need the original Vertigo files to install it)

    2. Descent Maximum (This is a total conversion of D2 to the PS1 version. To uninstall it delete, or change the extension of D2XR-MAXIMUM.DXA in the main D2X-Rebirth folder)

    3. Mission Packs (These are collections of missions. The Rangers are the main multiplayer community currently and they have created both anarchy and co-op mission packs for people to use. The Descent Championship Ladder [DCL] is a group of highly competitive players who challenge each other to 1v1 matches. They have their own missions pack available as well)

    4. Soundtracks (These are high-quality recordings of the original MIDI soundtracks in lossless format. If the MIDI music you hear isn’t what you remember, one of these packs may be more similar to the soundboard you had back in the day, and therefore will sound like the way you remember it. There are also Redbook audio tracks available as well. After downloading the soundtracks you will have to manually move one of them into the main Rebirth folders from the “Soundtracks” folder to enable it.)

    5. German Briefing (This is an addon that converts the text of the briefings into German)

    The installer will automatically install an addon that fixes the sound from D1 assets (robots and doors and such) in D2. If you like hearing those sounds all sped up and such, just delete or rename the extension of UUD2SP.DXA in the main D2X folder.

    If you find any bugs, report them here and I’ll get them fixed ASAP 🙂



    1. When you uninstall, you are given the option of removing the installation folders or not. If you select yes it will remove the D*X-Rebirth folders and everything in them (including any missions or anything you may have installed).

    2. Though zico and Drakona maintain Rebirth and Retro respectively, I maintain the installers, so if there’s an issue, bug me, not them 😉

    A Future Pilot
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    Topics: 10
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    During the stream I noticed two things with the installer which are now fixed:

    1. Download speed. I’ve moved the soundtrack files to Dosbox so it should be significantly faster.

    2. You can now install one of the Descents from a GOG installer while installing another from data files in a folder (instead of being forced to install both from installers or both from folders).

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    Thanks for that! I hasn’t been touching DXX-Rebirth for a long time, I guess it will be interesting to check it again, on a emotional wave of “Overload” 🙂

    A Future Pilot
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    Topics: 10
    Replies: 65

    You’re welcome! 🙂

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