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    Hi All!

    I want to share something with all the D1 Single Player/Cooperative fans out there. A few years back, 6 of the Descent Rangers (including myself) developed, tested, and released a 30-level mission set for D1 called “Revenge O Dravis”. Overall, I think the project started in 2012… I could be wrong because it’s been in development for so long. We finally released it on January 15th, 2015.

    Grab some friends, (or go at it alone in single player). It’s ridiculously challenging, but a lot of fun! 🙂

    Download Revenge O Dravis!

    Revenge O Dravis was planned, developed, tested, and released by Dravis, Whoskyd, Enzo03, PigmyRhino, NaphthaTurisas, and Blarget2


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    Yeah I remember this was a pretty fun set to play, although the geometry was pretty simplistic even for Descent.
    Robot placement makes up for it though, it can get more scary than the original mission at times.

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    We need a Revenge O Dravis for Overload xD Yeeee 😀

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    I’m enjoying playing through these at the moment. The level design and geometry is a bit simplistic in the earlier levels but gets better as you progress. Quite challenging.

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