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    I couldn’t help comparing some of the robots in Overload and Descent:-
    Harpy – Class 1 Drone (orange blobs)
    Goblin/Ogre(?) – Class 2 Drone (blue laser)
    Kraken – PTMC Defense Prototype (quad lasers)
    Normal Triton – Medium Hulk
    Super Triton – Super Mech / Heavy Hulk
    Xeno Triton – Fusion Hulk
    Valkyrie / Thumunculus – Platform Robots
    Golem – Guppy from D2 (I would love to see a Guppy vs a Golem as they would both die but the Golem would be blasted into the next wall and realise in its last moment that it’s not the king of kamikaze).

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    I thought there were some more interesting comparisons if you look deeper into the bots’ AI and “roles” in the game and not just what weapons it has. Not meaning to say yours are wrong at all — I’m just looking at different bot bits. 😀

    Kraken = Sidearm (bot with a relatively powerful weapon who moves slowly and is big enough to block hallways).
    Triton = Medium Hulk + PTMC Defense Prototype (big bot with missiles, but fires relatively rapidly and likes to move around. Once you get halfway into the campaign and its weapon switches to plasma it becomes even more like PTMC Defense Prototype)
    Scorpion = Advanced Lifter (and not diamond claw! Got relatively light health and nothing quite as dangerous as that energy pulse. Also relatively quiet)
    Scourge = Class 3 Gopher bot + BPER (drops bombs “at” you while running, and occasionally likes to get right up in your face. The bombs could also be Overload’s answer to that energy pulse)
    Guardian = Sniper NG (pretty dangerous “gauss” bot who likes to stay on the move, and can take a big chunk out of your health if you’re not constantly on guard) 😛
    Super Ogre = S.P.I.K.E. (medium high-health, moves around a bit, and it’s got a homing plasma weapon)
    Reaver = Class 1 Driller + Omega Defense Spawn (’cause they just had to combine the most terrifying bots from D1 and D2 into one enemy!) 😀
    Harpy = Secondary Lifter (small bot, rapid fire weapon, likes to stay on the move, and always at least two or three at once)
    Valkyrie = Missile Platform specifically (a smallish, hard-to-hit frame and a very unforgiving weapon unless you take the time to figure out where they are before going into a room)
    Invincilus = arguably Canary/Class 1 Driller (if only because it’s relatively easy to deal with at range but will wreck you if you get close up)
    Sperion = Omega Defense Spawn + Water Boss? (if there’s a reason Golem’s not quite as bad as Omega was, it’s probably because Sperion is much worse)

    And of course Wyvern and Hydra are each half of an ITSC bot. 😛

    Now the one I do disagree with is Uber-Scourge-Fusion Hulk. Fusion Hulk’s real strength was not so much its weapon as its size and tankyness (and the occasional ability to shoot while under the type of fire that would stun a lighter bot). Ultra-Scourge doesn’t really have that advantage and his thunderbolt is not really as damaging as the fusion either.

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    How about boss robots?

    These are a little tricky to match:
    Goliath = D3 Merc final boss
    Taurus = D2 lvl 20 boss
    Starluster = D3 Merc lvl 4 boss

    EDIT: Sorry Haunted Parrasp, I accidentally hit the Report button instead of Reply, just ignore it.

    Haunted ParraspHaunted Parrasp
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    Bleh lol. No worries.
    I tried to find that when there was an actual spam bot but I was too tired to see… Funny how stuff goes. 😛

    You know “Enhancement” on the OST reminds me of the boss theme at the end of the Mercenary level 7 music.

    Ship’s cat, MPSV Iberia
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    Cathy Schneider
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    Ha! I couldn’t figure out why that post was reported 😛 Thanks for the note, Pyro-GX!

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