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    So I’ve been using the X52 stick as my 6DoF control. This one does have a rather big dead spot even if you lower it in the software to 0. It’s also very loose. Along with the throttle, it’s a great stick for Elite: Dangerous. Plenty of buttons for pretty much any function.

    Recently, I ordered the Extreme 3D Pro. I must say, the stick is REALLY tight to move but it’s like night and day control wise. You actually have to be aware how still your hand is because if you set the dead space to 0 it’s pretty sensitive. My scores have increased quite a bit. Aim is much better, naturally.

    Currently, the Logitech is $35 on Amazon.

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    I used the Logitech stick for a while. It unfortunately doesn’t hold up very well over heavy use. I replaced it with a Thrustmaster T16000M which has been much better overall (it costs a bit more, but is entirely based on hall effect sensors, so you don’t get switches wearing out.)

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    I’ve used that stick and it’s wireless one in the early 2000s. Nice stick but like Lothar said it doesn’t hold up to Descent.

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    Noted, thanks fellas. I can’t afford the Thrustmaster stick at the moment. =(

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    I used to have a Saitek 3D Gold for years. It finally died…sadly.
    I have a X52 but support in games is all over the map. I recommend it for flight sims only. :\ Urungus, I have the same problem with mine. A monster deadspot and very little button support. (I don’t look at developers for this)
    right now, I’m relegated to KB and mouse. I’m not gaming like I used to so I’m no going to sink a lot of money into a controller any more. Spending too much time with the wife. 😉

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    Once all of my Sidewinders died, I switched over to the Logitech 3D Pro a few years ago (despite having more or less retired from active playing). My first impression was that it became much harder to make tight turns with the stick as it required more force to use. Over time I got used to it, but playing Descent became a lot more stressful on the hand muscles than it was with the Sidewinder. This is particularly noticeable if you take a long break from the game every so often. On the plus side, the Logitech doesn’t go flying off the table when you make tight turns like the 3DPro or PPro did.

    However as Lothar said, the switches don’t last very long. I would make a change but as I rarely pay, it’s not a big deal for me at the moment.

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