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    In another topic I saw someone mention that this option for screen-space reflections cause a significant drop in FPS. Now, when I see stuff like this I’d normally consider a 10-20 drop a ‘significant’ amount. I mean, that is a large drop by any standards for the sake of a single feature being turned on. But out of sheer curiosity I had a look at what this did on a very simple custom map. With it turned on, I was getting a nice steady 80fps and then I turned it off…. 170fps!

    Are you freaking kidding me?! I can’t even see what this feature does but unless it is borrowing CPU and GPU power to cure cancer there is no visual feature that is worth 90fps! Give me a break. Do yourselves a favor folks. Do not enable this option.

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    Yeah, I had to go Google “Screen Space Reflections” to learn what it does because I wasn’t noticing any difference when I tried it. After doing the research, I know what to look for now and it definitely adds some nice eye-candy and realism that I wish I could keep, but it makes the game mostly unplayable due to the poor performance.

    I did some quick reading (skimming, really – I’m short on time here), and I learned that there are plenty of ways they can optimize performance for Screen Space Reflections. What I *don’t* know, of course, is, whether they already did as much optimizing as possible. I would agree very strongly though that it definitely doesn’t feel like they did much optimizing (if they did any at all), and we can only hope it’s still on their To-Do list.

    These are the 2 pages I skimmed over and learned there seem to be many things they can do for optimizing performance for Screen Space Reflections:

    Prepare for Overload…

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