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    Wanted to start a thread here similar to what I had started on the Steam forums. Hoping to get people to share their control configurations, whether kb+m, HOTAS, dual joysticks, joystick +m, or any other combination. Its interesting to see how everyone adapts different setups for their playstyle and it helps people switching between input devices get some information on what might work best for them.

    I was first introduced to Descent on the Playstation, so learned how to play on the controller. That being said I am not a Triple Descent guy. I played the absolute nonsense out of Descent 1 (as did my mother, she actually beat it too! I was so impressed with her), but none of the following Descent games for years after release. Looking back, I have no idea why. I blame Goldeneye xD (I am so sorry lol).

    Anyways, coming into Overload I began playing on Kb+m, as I have all shooters since becoming a PC gamer, and the kb+m controls in this game feel great. However, a week or so after buying Overload, I bought into Star Citizen. So, naturally I had to get a HOTAS. After about 3 weeks of that, I got really interested in dual joysticks, as they seem to provide the most control over all 6 axes of freedom (given you have twist). Which brings me to my current control setup: I am flying with dual T.16000m’s, no pedals (though I really am looking at getting some). Below are my current bindings, they of course might change as features/QOL improvements are made.

    Left Joystick

    Overload: Left Joystick

    Right Joystick

    Overload: Right Joystick

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    I’ve been flying Dual Joysticks of one kind or another since 2003. My current ones are the venerable (and still unmatched) MS Sidewinder 3D Pro, and a Saitek Cyborg Graphite.
    Yoshi's controls

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    I started this whole thing many months ago with a control scheme I’d been using for many years — the classic Descent defaults. A/Z forward and back, burners on S, steering on arrows, rolls on Q/E, all strafing handled through the Alt key as a modifier, Ctrl/Space for primary/secondary fire. Needless to say I didn’t get much use out of the slide modifier for fear of hitting the Windows key instead of Alt all those years, but anyway…

    Overload! Overload rolls around and I figure it’s time to iterate if I’m going to stand a chance of doing okay in Challenge Mode and providing useful feedback. KB only was so retro! I forced myself to learn WASD and used the arrows to steer. I quickly made the jump to include the mouse in the mix (incl L/R buttons for Pri/Sec fire, middle click for burners) for steering instead, just because it was much simpler.

    Still, this left out vertical strafing — I eventually added it on Ctrl/Shift, figuring I’d learn it eventually, but my pinkie finger is all the way out /there/ and if my time playing Guitar Hero on medium was any indication, it got worn out quickly and I’d forget how to use it right when it was needed.

    After a month of /getting around to it/, I finally /got around to it/ and retooled my config one last time — here’s where things stand now: WASD for fwd/back/strafe left/strafe right, Ctrl/Spc for Pri/Sec fire, burners on Shift, Z to select time bombs, Q/E to roll L/R, mouse to aim, LMB for strafe up, RMB for strafe down, and mousewheel roll down for an additional primary fire (which is basically never used and I should really unbind someday).

    For Descent (my D1/2 demo and 3 playthroughs might show this off), I think I’m using WASD/QE with steering on arrow keys, and vert strafe on keypad 1/0 for u/d. A few times I’ve gone back to the original keybinds to play a level or two and it’s how I’d imagine I’d ride a bike for the first time in 10 years — I remember the idea of it but boy howdy am I gonna wipe out hard in a couple of minutes.

    Stay tuned in this space or one that looks like it for another response that reads something like “here are four different Steam Controller setups I’ve been attempting to make work and why it was futile to try and also here are a list of reasons you should never use that thing for a shooter in the first place”

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    Pause whenever you wish to view or study the settings.

    Prepare for Overload…

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    I use keyboard and mouse with mostly default bindings, Trichording, mouse limiting set to strong, and mouse smoothing off. The non-default key bindings are:

    Left shift: strafe down
    Caps lock: strafe down
    x: boost

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    For Overload, I’ve been using mouse + keyboard controls. I think it handles beautifully as such. I’m fairly certain these were mostly the default controls, but I find the WASD+shift+space for forward, slide left, reverse, slide right, slide down, and slide up (respectively) to be pretty intuitive. Because this requires use of all fingers on the left hand, I found that having a mouse with extra buttons comes in handy – LMB for primaries, RMB for secondaries, scroll wheel up for changing primaries, scroll wheel down for changing secondaries, “Forward” mouse button (R thumb) for boost, and “Back” mouse button (also R thumb) for flares.

    Back in my D3 days, though, I used Keyboard + Joystick… And was pretty darn good at it. I used a Saitek Cyborg 3D Gold stick. Most people would tell you never to use an 8-way HAT switch to perform slide functions, but that’s precisely what I did, because the 3D Gold was laid out in a manner where I could fire secondaries using the joint in my thumb without ever needing to take it off the HAT. I got especially good at tri-chording everywhere I went using this setup, and I was able to control most other functions of the ship with the keyboard – forward, reverse, afterburner, change weapons, flares, etc. Sadly, the HAT on that probably 15+ year old stick finally gave out… I’d love to get a new one, but I can’t find a flight stick that looks like it will be easy to use the HAT and fire secondaries with the same thumb.

    Back in my D1 keyboard only days, I had a pretty ridiculous setup, with WS for forward/reverse, AD for slide left/right, EC for slide up/down, QR for roll left/right, CTRL for primaries, and space for secondaries… Not exactly easy to tri-chord (except for maybe in one particular direction), but it got the job done. Not that my old 486 keyboard would register more than 3 functions before locking out any additional input anyway… Oh well. I was able *nearly* beat D1 on Rookie with this method growing up (before my mom put the 486 in storage), so it wasn’t universally awful.

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    And here I am:

    My control scheme is a WASD configuration (as in any modern FPS), with Q and E for for banking, and Space / Left Alt for Up/Down thrust. I used to fly with a mouse, but now I’m using a joystick, Saitek Cyborg EVO, for steering: X and Y axes control yaw and pitch, while twist axis controls my banking. I don’t use Throttle axis, as it isn’t that practical for the fast action found in Descent/Overload. In fact, as it is mounted at the base, I rarely use it in any other game!

    The joystick has one hat switch, and 12 buttons, 6 on stick including the trigger, and 6 on the base. On the stick, I got my primary and secondary fire, headlight and flares assigned to a button, reserved one button for VOIP, and I use the hat switch for cycling secondaries (I adopted this recently, after a chat with Yoshimitsu). I don’t use the base keys at all, as my other (left) hand is on the keyboard.

    Back to keyboard, for selecting weapons, I have mapped number keys 1-4 (5 in all Descent games) to primary weapons, and Z-X-C-V keys for Secondaries, excluding the bombs (in all Descent games except 3rd, as they can’t be remapped… Its been a while, though.). I switch bombs (Only in D2) with the B key.

    Finally, Afterburner (Boost) is assigned to Left shift, F key is for flares and R key is for rear view (In Overload, it is the Headlight, until the Rearview comes… that is, assuming it will?). Tab key opens the Automap.

    This concludes my current scheme. For the future, I’m planning on moving to a dual joystick configuration like Yoshimitsu… And maybe in the long run, I *might* invest in a powerful PC + VR Headset…

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    I’m in the same boat as one of the Devs (Luke I believe – coincidentally stumbled upon one of his posts here on the forums from way back) – I’m a Lefty ! Back in April shortly after picking the demo, I posted on Steam and asked whether or not there were any other Overload lefty’s out there that would care to share their control config – unfortunately, I haven’t yet come across another Overload lefty 🙁

    Not that it’s relevant to any of you rightys, but:

    Left Hand (Mouse):
    L/Mouse – primary
    R/Mouse – secondary
    Middle Mouse (jump)….wait, not playing Q3, sorry….Mouse Wheel (U/D) – change weapons (P/S)

    Right Hand (excluding thumb) NUMPAD keys:
    NUM8 – forward
    NUM5 – back
    NUM4 – left
    NUM6 – right
    NUM0 – boost
    NUM+ – slide up
    NUMENTER – slide down
    NUM1 – headlight – always on coz it’s sooooo dark !
    NUM3 – flare (never use it !)

    PAGEDOWN – smash attack – don’t use it enough !

    DOWNARROW – roll left
    RIGHTARROW – roll right

    I’d love to find an alternative for slide up/down, preferably on the mouse, but I don’t believe that these actions can be assigned to the mouse wheel, but in all fairness, I’d have to check to be sure. Even so, given that I use mouse left/right for pri/sec weapons, placing movement onto the mouse wheel may interfere with firing. In any event, this kind of lefty setup (Mouse left hand, NUMPAD right hand) lends itself wonderfully to all manner of shooters – especially the NUMPAD layout which provides a neat, uncluttered and logical array of keys/functions away from the main keyboard area.

    If only I had better dexterity…..age is a bitch !

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    Here my weird controller. Since I used a Gravis Phoenix from 1995 to 1998 I needed something similar, just better and stronger + foot switches for banking. My first build in 1999 was based on a Gravis Firebird II with an extenstion on the left what was housing a 2 way limited arcade controller with an adapted “half” playstation controller. This stuff never failed once in almost 10 years of intense Descent gaming so it moved into the present one. The second one I built early 2016 to enjoy Overload to get rid of the gameport connector. The internals are based on the TM T16000m raw mechanics and electronics with leather covered composite housing. This kind of 6dof controlling feels best for my brain. I could imagine to create something similar for mouse use. I simply dont have time anymore to improve the control skills with a different layout 😉


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    That is quite an interesting set up!

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    Yea like I said the reason was the Gravis Phoenix. When I bought it in 1995 there was coincidently Descent included. The main purpose was to use it for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Sadly the Phoenix was very weak and banking was not possible without removing a finger from an important button. The first I destroyed while a Cases Ladder match against Sandman. A few others followed 🙂

    But the main style of it felt so great and comfy from the beginning when I started Descent for the first time. Unfortunately nothing similar can be bought so I had to make it 😀

    Phoenix Box


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    Just to make sure I am understanding your diagram correctly (I’ve never seen a Phoenix, I’m somewhat new to PC gaming), the ps controller is an axis as well?

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    Yes it is. It is not visible but inside the half playstation controller is a steelblock with a hollow shaft inside. This shaft sticks inside a normal 8-way micro switch aracade controller. I only use 2 ways of it to move it forward and back. I ll see if I can find more pictures for some details.

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    That is too damn cool, man.

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    Thx. Here the view to the inside. You can see the arcade controller. Some wires going through the hollow shaft to make the 6 buttons on the half ps-controller work. it looks quite unprofessional but its build to do quick changes if something fails.

    Inside 1

    Inside 2

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