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    Did forum search, couldn’t find if already reported:

    When I press TAB to see the map the ship appears inverted, facing backward, is very confusing, if what I think is the front. Anyway I suggest to show an arrow or triangle instead of a ship 3D model.

    Screenshot 1: I ensured first to face the wall.


    Screenshot 2: Model facing backwards on the map:


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    Ye trying to point out by one short look at the map which direction you are actually facing is pretty hard and i often get confused. I wouldnt replace the model by a triangle but more likely add some line indicators or sth like a colored “nose” to the ship


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    Aha, the ship turned backwards and upside-down looks like an alternate ship design on its own. For future reference, the big spikes point where you’re facing; the little spikes are the upper rear wings.

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    Yes, I think they should add an option of making the map match the ship’s orientation.

    I think what you are seeing here is my fault. A long time ago, the Automap actually matched the ship’s orientation (and the map could be rolled too), but it was quite confusing because it’s *VERY* rare that I’m upside-down but it’s likely I also won’t be perfectly level either. I might be looking up or down slightly, or I might be slightly rolled, etc. etc. etc. After I pointed this out, they took away the made the Automap stop matching the ship’s orientation. What wasn’t considered though was players who would play a map upside-down.

    So, I think before launch, Overload needs an option to toggle on and off that makes the map match the ship orientation. Enabling such a behavior would also benefit from being able to roll the map in order to level the map if desired.

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    When you open the map, it orientates itself in the direction you’re facing, but I agree if you’re upside down it doesn’t work at all. There should be an option to rotate the map around the ship if you’re not level, so you’re looking at it relative to your viewport. Also agreed, the ship model looks like another design altogether if it’s upside down! Perhaps a couple of small arrows to indicate forward and up axes would be helpful?

    I just played a bit more and yes, the map is really confusing if you’re not orientated “correctly”. I hadn’t really noticed this before because I haven’t really been playing the SP levels that much, and the CM maps are so small I can learn them easily. But on SP you’re very likely to be at all manner of angles while you’re exploring the mines, and I actually got completely disorientated by rotating 120 degrees, opening the map (of the training level!), spinning it around, closing the map and then trying to figure out where I was. Some better pointers would be really useful for new players who turn off autoleveling.

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    I think something like this will be more easy to understand at first sight,… maybe also a trace of the path from where we are coming? or that’s too much 🙂

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