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    i am afraid of only one thing: that the 15 levels may be too short for this game. I mean, 15 Levels, that is half of D1, D1 demo owns 7 levels, which is half of the entire overload game. ^^

    My question is, what do you expect players play time, for players, that explore every corner of the game, but also for players, that run towards primary objectives ignoring other missions. My playtime for D1 for example is ~24h (measured by Steam). For D2 maybe several hours more (I don’t know exactly, only played the first 4 levels on Steam ^^).

    Will overload produce a sequel?

    Mike Kulas
    Overload Team
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    Good questions, Sanwa!

    Your level counts are correct. However, we believe Overload will be deeper across the board and players will find reason to play each level longer. In addition, modes like New Game+ and Challenge Mode will offer a lot of gameplay. My guess (no analytics) is that people spent more time playing Challenge Mode in the teaser and the August Demo than the “campaign” levels.

    As to a sequel — we certainly hope to make one. We will do so if Overload is successful.

    P.S. That seven level Descent demo was kind of nuts. Interplay quickly concluded that and, after providing a seven level demo for free, offered a three level demo at retail for some nominal cost. And free download, too, I think.

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    Descent 3 also had 15 levels – I’m not sure it was appreciably shorter than the first two games, basically for the same reason – each one took longer to complete.

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    The Destination Saturn demo that came with some game controllers had 15 levels though there was a lot less geometric and texture detail in those days so I’d imagine that it was alot less work. Many game demos provided about 1/3 of the full registered copies back then, such as the 3 Ds: Doom, Descent, Duke Nukem 3D.

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    I’d happily go for quality over quantity. Of course it’s not just how many levels there are but also how big the levels are.

    Haunted ParraspHaunted Parrasp
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    Don’t forget, we’re also going to have the authoring tools and there are plenty here who are already very good at using this type of editor.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see some maps and missions equal to the main game in quality within a month or two of release.

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    Depending how sophisticated the main game is, that might be tough. 🙂 Voice and cinematics are a little hard to do well on the cheap – don’t know how much of those Overload will use though.

    But that might be a nice “problem” for a level designer to have… it means there are a lot of things you can make.

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    Also don’t forget the “classic mode” prototype. Revival have not announced whether they will be taking this further, but I have to say I love that this video shows a merge of the original Descent with the Overload weapons, it makes me think about the possibilities of playing through original descent levels but with new Overload weapons/SFX/Robots. I hope they revisit this at some point, it would certainly increase the play hours 😀

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