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    Just one more day until release! Conveniently, I actually have some time off from work to be with the family (capped out on vacation hours, gotta burn some time), so I’m actually off until Monday. Of course, when the baby goes to bed, I’m gonna binge the single-player campaign so hard.

    Who else is hyped? What’s everyone’s plan for tomorrow and the weekend?

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    I’m Super Hyped too! 😀 I am going to be playing some of the single player stuff, but I am going to buy an new Gaming laptop soon! It’s Going to be an Acer Nitro AN515-52 with Coffee Lake i5 8300H cpu and gtx 1050 so that I can play this game on higher setting and record it smoothly!

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    I know, can’t wait! The beta gameplay has been incredible = )

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    I’ve been saving it all for the release so I can binge on the campaign. I want to experience it fresh. Cannot. Wait.

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