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    Hey everyone, Seb from Sol Contingency.

    Just stopping by as a gamer and fan to say that we’ve all tried your prototype build and we’re nerdgasming all over! Y’all are bringing sexy back and we can’t be more excited! We owe you everything we’ve made and for that we’re doing all we can to help spread the word of your campaign.

    Hope y’all don’t mind but we’ve made a video of our first impressions of Overload to share everywhere and hopefully get you a bit more attention:

    C’mon everyone, let’s get Overload made!

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    Cool Seb, nice to see you here! Will share the video for sure. 🙂 – Pumo Software official Website
    – Pumo Mines progress: 60%

    Mike Kulas
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    Thanks, Seb — Beautiful video. And thanks for all the encouragement!

    Your first pass in Challenge Mode is better than my best. That’s what I get for jamming all my fingers playing basketball against Luke.

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    Pretty sure that was just beginner’s luck… Hadn’t played before we shot so I had no idea if that was a decent score or not. While uploading, I tried a dozen more times thinking if we weren’t just casually chatting and recording I’d do better, but found out the hard way that wasn’t true. LOL I think its just a testament to your flight code feeling natural and familiar – meaning that anybody who likes these kinds of games can just jump in and have fun without futzing around with their setup. Love what you guys are doing – nice work!

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    I think a part of the reason why you did so well was, you were relaxed and calm and you weren’t taking it very seriously. It was a different frame of mind.

    Prepare for Overload…

    Cathy Schneider
    Overload Team
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    Great video guys; thanks for the support!

    Thunderbolt does have that affect on people 😉

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