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    So, has anyone started on a port of Minerva 3 yet?

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    Not sure about that one in particular, but most older levels from the D1/2 age have been held off. The biggest reason is that the size and speed of the Overload ship and weapons are different, and many classic D1 levels are specifically designed with those sizes and speeds in mind. A direct port, therefore, might not be the cats pajamas when played in overload. Thus, some of the authors have indicated their desire to avoid direct ports in favor of new ideas which fully jive with the gameplay elements of the new game.

    However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still try it out and see what happens. If you check out the level editor channels in the Overload discord, someone just redid Logic and I think a group even tried it out in MP a few days ago. Not sure how successful it was, but go check it out if you like!

    Not to mention those channels have many other new MP map ideas published by our talented community.

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