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    Matt Toschlog
    Overload Team
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    Hey, are there any speedrunners out there? I’m working on the speedrun support for Overload and I’d like to get some feedback. Thanks!

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    Me for one! I’ve also let the /r/descent speedrunning folks know about this thread so they can come say hi. 🙂

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    You can count me in.

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    And I’M heRE toooo
    I can’t think of much that’d be needed specifically. As long as the gameplay’s good (which it is 😀 ) the speedrunners will come!

    Music I make sometimes:

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    I’ve only started to attempt speedrunning during the weekly challenge, but it definitely got the hook in me! I will be speedrunning Overload (well, attempt to). Not sure if any/what would need to be added aside from 0:00xx timers.

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    I’ve never seriously attempted to speedrun anything before, but I decided to give it a go on Tarvos Outpost (Trainee, Any%). I’m on the EA build and not the Beta, so I’m going off of the time listed in the “detailed stats” page, but I managed 2:02 at the fastest, with a lot of opportunity for improvement. This is pretty fun though, maybe I’ll keep working on it.

    EDIT: Make that 1:53. Forgot the skip opening up when you grab the first key and kept going around the long way like a dork. 😛

    EDIT 2: As far as speedrunning goes, is there a possibility we could have an option to turn off dialogue boxes and voices? There’s none in EA, of course, but having watched the “story stream,” I think it might be helpful to be able to hide all of that. It’s going to get in the way constantly hearing voices and seeing text obscure things, especially when some areas are going to be speedrun faster than the text can even appear. 🙂

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