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    Not feeling too lucky, but it’s worth a try. I extensively played Descent I and II with keyboard only and since there were quite many keys to use, I used strafe (slide) modifier to switch controls to strafe mode. It’s nice to see, that Overload continues the tradition and allows defining strafe modifier. But.

    I just checked to be certain – Descent’s default controls follows flight sim’s model: down arrow causes the ship to rotate up and up arrow – to rotate down. But when strafe modifier is used, normal controls are used: up arrow causes the ship to slide up and down arrow – to slide down.

    Would it be possible to either change the behavior of slide modifier or add another switch for compatibility mode? It’s really hard to get used to non-sim behavior (up arrow to rotate up and down to rotate down) in a (at least partially) flight sim game (if you know, what I mean).

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